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New to owning a Caravan, Camper or Motorhome? Well we have it covered!

If you are new to owning a leisure vehicle? Maybe because of Covid-19 you have decided cruising is out and holidays around the world now mean you might be isolated for another 14 days on your return. Well we have a range of partners to provide You with assistance, great advice and quality products you can buy safely.

Firstly lets get some basics sorted for you as an owner:

1: A Motorhome is treated much the same as a Campervan, you have a Hab (Habitation) section and Vehicle (Commercial section). Now a commercial vehicle was built to work hard and be driven thousands of business miles, then on the track instead of a panel section being fitted they added a living section. But, remember that the Commercial section needs an annual or up to 20,000 mile service. The Hab section also needs a ‘Habcheck’ once a year, this is a safety and functionality check for your safety and comfort!

2: A Caravan can be single axle or twin axle and again are treated much the same. With caravans the Habcheck also includes ensuring the Towing section, underside and braking all works safely, otherwise the annual check is the same as the Motorhome one above.

3: If you buy new, the manufacturer will usually provide a 3 year warranty. A dealer will provide a 3-6-12 month warranty, and if you buy privately you can also purchase your own warranty product for that first owner peace of mind. Buying a warranty is easy, but to get the best cover and expert repairs, we suggest you read our item ‘Warranty products explained’ on the news page.

Where to get advice and buy what you need?

Like everything new in life, we can sometimes do things that end up costing more money, so we try to learn quickly. By far the best way to avoid mistakes is to join a club or online forum. We recommend CaravanTalk.co.uk and MotorhomeTalk.co.uk as an excellent place to visit to meet new like-minded friends and to get great advice before you visit somewhere or buy anything. The best thing about these sites are that the content is mostly written By owners For owners, so you will know any advice is from experience or a place someone has visited. Since the subject matter online is vast, the site is divided into ‘Forum groups’ so you can locate a specific group you will want to be part of and to find out more on exactly what you want.

Get advice by owners for owners from CaravanTalk

There is also a great place to visit when you want to buy something such as satellite systems, appliances, gadgets, barbeques and awnings etc. In this case we usually recommend the friendly folks at; World of Caravans,Campers & Motorhomes the website is colourful and easy to navigate to locate and buy pretty much anything you will need for a great holiday. It’s also a good place to find out where and when the numerous shows are on and which ones to go to, there are 2 main national shows but a host of regional ones around the UK.

Meet the friendly folk at World of Caravans, Campers & Motorhomes at shows

Both of the online platforms above are provided completely free of charge for Owners to find out anything or to buy something you need. Engineer Aftercare Warranty also have a number of other partners to add even more value to Insure a vehicle from Shield Total, clean and maintain a vehicle with the correct sand safe products from ValetPRO . Need a repair or Habcheck? We work exclusively with the Approved Workshop Scheme for habitation servicing and repairs, and to buy a Caravan or Motorhome, speak to Motorhomedepot.com. Click on the appropriate word to go to a friendly Engineer partner now.

Our friends at Motorhome Depot will make buying safe and really easy!

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