Engineer Aftercare Ltd is New, so here is a little more about us..

For over 35 years I have worked with clients and customers for some of the UK’s leading companies and believe in 3 simple things:

1: If we say we can do something, we do it.  So your documents will arrive same or next day, including replies when you contact us

2: We only work with other quality providers!  That’s why Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS), Auto-Trail OC, Coachman OC, Burstner OC Pioneer, Shield Total Insurance, ValetPRO, Motorhome Depot, Habcheck and selected others  all work with Engineer Aftercare to look after their members and customers.  Many Club Members receive a discount for any Warranty purchased directly from us compliments of your Club so ask them first!  Simply add your club and membership number in the ‘Where did you hear about us’ field.

3: The products are what you see and nothing is hidden.  Our warranties are some of the most competitively priced and we only use Approved Workshop Scheme engineers for repairs.  There are no pesky forms to download either, just a quick phone call for approval!

How did Engineer Aftercare Ltd come about and why are we a great choice for you the Owner…

Some years ago, I was introduced to the Caravan & Motorhome sector.  I liked the people and was blown away meeting enthusiastic owners, I also found the touring sector growing and with ‘Staycating’ on a huge incline for the UK, there were even more exciting times ahead.  That’s why in 2019 I launched Engineer Aftercare Warranty and we are growing fast.

Affordable Warranty for just £199 for Caravans & £279 for Motorhomes under 12 years old (144 months):

To replace a dealer or manufacturer warranty go to our ‘Products‘ pages for more details or to buy, if you have a regular AWS workshop they can affect repairs under your Engineer Aftercare warranty claim.

Are you an AWS Member Workshop?

We exclusively work with the AWS.  It’s completely free for an NCC/AWS member to register with us, we will provide you with our ‘Toolbox’ of products and everything needed to introduce us to your customers.  Your business, with full contact details will be displayed in our ‘Search engine’ without charge for our customers to find you.

If you would like our Workshop information pack?  Get in touch or register your details and we will send you everything you need.

Our Warranty cover in detail

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Engineer Aftercare Warranty