We took over a year to find our insurance partners based on 3 simple rules:

  1. Our Insurance partners should offer competitive rates and a range of suitable products!

  2. The service Engineer Aftercare customers receive must be excellent!

  3. We want really great insurance partners so that you our customers can talk to someone to find the product you want and have the cover explained to you before you buy

           So, we are confident that you our customers will find easy ways to buy quality and affordable Insurance products to fit your vehicle and lifestyle needs

Here are some Top tips when buying or renewing your insurance:

  1. SHOP AROUND, so you know you have a competitive price (But remember ‘Cheap’ doesn’t always mean ‘Best value’)
  2. Have your vehicle details to hand when you speak to the insurer
  3. Consider and write down the cover you want, make sure it includes all those key items, but excludes what you don’t need   
  4. If you have a renewal or competitor rate, mention it and ask if our Insurance partner can match or beat it
  5. REMEMBER.  A business recommended by a friend or other is usually a safer bet than another you know nothing about
  6. Storage can affect your premium, so Engineer Aftercare recommend CASSOA (The Caravan Storage Association).  For some quick advice on safely and securely storing your vehicle, watch the CASSOA video

The service provided to you our customers is all important, so please feel free to drop me a line or call our offices and tell us how your experience with our Insurance partners went.  Because if you are happy we are happy, and if not we want to know why..

Martyn Raybould

Managing Director