Register your Business with us as an AWS, CaSSOA or NTTA member, or other Caravan, Camper or Motorhome related business..

As a Working Partner such as an AWS Dealer, a Fixed – Mobile Workshop, NTTA or CaSSOA member or other caravan or Motorhome business, there some great reasons to work with Engineer Aftercare Warranty.  Here are just a few!

  1. We only use other AWS approved workshops for any Caravan, Camper & Motorhome Habitation claims, so your customers will receive quality advice and assistance.  As a Working Partner, this means no headaches because we take care of everything and they get priority service from a dedicated liaison, to guarantee our service levels

  2. As a retailer you can set up an Engineer Aftercare warranty for your customers in minutes when you sell a vehicle, .  Its fast using our online portal too!  Or, simply ask them to mention your name when buying, so we know you introduced them to us.

  3. Get up to 10% off your Trader-Business cover Insurance  

  4. We provide you everything you need!  From point of sale to a full on dedicated and tailored landing page for you

  5. Engineer Aftercare Warranty is like no other  company in the sector, we even have an ‘Enhanced Habitation Warranty’ for NEW Campers and Motorhomes.  No more needing customers to bring vehicles back to you for Habitation claims, your customers enjoy UK wide AWS approved workshop cover on the entire Habitation section to compliment your manufacturer motor cover

  6. We provide Award- winning Aftercare Warranty and Aftercare with UK-EU Roadside assistance & Recovery 

Martyn Raybould Managing Director

We are proud to be an official working partner to the Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS), Caravan Storage Site Owners Association (CaSSOA) and National Trailer & Towbar Association (NTTA), which is why we only use approved workshops for warranty repairs. We would love to talk to you to see how you can add even more value to your customers with our award winning warranty and guaranteed great service.

IMPORTANT NOTES!  Like all warranty companies our ability to meet customers and partners expectations is everything, as such we can only apply products to vehicles from New to up to *12 years (144 months) old.  (If you have a customer with an older 12-15 years and well-documented vehicle history please get in touch with us).

COPYWRITE: Please ensure all images and content provided to us for display are your own or has had the Copywrite paid for.  Engineer Aftercare cannot be held responsible for lack of compliance on copyrighted images.  By completing the form below, you confirm ownership of anything you send us or that we use from your own website.

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To really maximise our benefit to you, make sure you check the website regularly and send us any news we should add to our e-newsletters to let customers know about you..

When introducing Engineer Insurance & Aftercare to your customers, please remind them to mention your name when contacting us, providing a real personal service is important to us and we want to make sure our service matches yours!

Terms & Conditions of registration/membership with Engineer Aftercare Ltd

Engineer Aftercare Limited trading as, is a provider of products and services to the Outdoor Leisure sector and in liaison with the Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS) for the benefit of its members.  The relationship with the AWS is an Affinity Partnership one only, engineers registering with do so under a separate arrangement between Engineer Aftercare Ltd and the registered engineer, which is not connected, linked or related to any they may have with the AWS.

The relationship between any AWS member and Engineer Aftercare Limited is not contractual, (Outside of any compliance requirements regarding introduction of customers)  and can be cancelled at any time, on receipt of such a request in email or writing.  Any commission due to the introducer will be paid up to and including the date of cancellation of the arrangement.  No further payments will be made after that date for any previous or future business.

Compliance of registered engineers to introduce customers to Engineer Aftercare ltd:

By registering to work with Engineer Aftercare Ltd trading as you are confirming you have read and understand the two paragraphs below, adherence to it resolves any compliance and GDPR requirement.

1           I/We understand as a registered engineer with Engineer Aftercare Ltd , where our customers seeks advice, information or request a quotation for products and services displayed by, I/We will forward them to the appropriate name, telephone number, email or website address as displayed on the Engineer Aftercare ltd  website or its displayed partner. 

2           I/We understand that I/We are not permitted to offer advice on products or Services regarding Finance, Insurance, Lending or other financial matters.  I/We further confirm that no customer contact details will be provided to Engineer Aftercare Ltd within GDPR rules.

The will make an effort to ensure all information and services available on the site are accurate however, the site is a digital ‘portal’ and as such registered engineers may display content that we do not agree with, endorse or guarantee is accurate.  Customers should undertake their own due diligence when using, accessing or engaging in any aspect, contact or activity with engineers or Partners found on the site. wishes all engineers and customers an enjoyable and rewarding relationship with the and its wider services however, it takes no responsibility where engineers interact with each other resulting in any dispute, altercation or other issue from those interactions.  Where such matters occur the reserves the right to remove registered engineers involved from its lists, without notice. is also a body created to network the sector together, by applying to be a registered engineer that member understands that its web address, contact details and information about that business will be available to view by the other engineers and the wider sector.  If for any reason a specific requirement or limitation is needed please ensure this is agreed with the prior to joining and that any alteration to the standard platform of displaying all information on members contact details is clearly requested and agreed in writing by the before joining or renewing your membership.

Person in authority.  It is not possible for the to vet or check the empowerment of individuals and or staff applying to join the as a registered engineer.  As such it is accepted that where a new or renewed registration is made, that the person applying for or on behalf of the business is empowered to do so.

Cancellation of Registration/Membership:

Engineers, are free to cancel their registration with Engineerinsuranceandaftercare at any time. reserves the right to cancel a membership and remove all content from that member without notice, where it feels that the member has brought the into any conflict, dispute or other which might not reflect well on the or its partners.  Registered engineers who wish to cancel, should email their request to informing us of their wish to leave.

Martyn Raybould MCMI  ICO: ZA540897

Managing Director