Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of registration to work with Engineer Aftercare Ltd

Engineer Aftercare Limited trading as engineerinsuranceandaftercare.com, is a provider of Warranty products and services to the Outdoor Leisure sector and in liaison with the Approved Workshop Scheme and CaSSOA for the benefit of members.  The relationship with the AWS and CaSSOA is an ‘Umbrella’ Affinity Partnership one only, members registering as a business to work with us do so under a separate arrangement between Engineer Aftercare Ltd and that business, which is not connected and separate to any agreement they may have with the AWS or CaSSOA.

The relationship between the AWS or CaSSOA member and Engineer Aftercare Limited is not contractual in itself (Outside of any compliance requirements regarding introduction of customers under GDPR and FCA rules)  and can be cancelled at any time in email or writing.  

Compliance of registered workshops to introduce customers to Engineer Aftercare ltd:

CaSSOA members must complete and return a signed copy of our ‘CaSSOA Member Arrangement Letter’, before proceeding to work with us or displaying any content.

Use of images:  

Engineer Aftercare Ltd will use images as provided to us, or taken from the working partners website for display on any page we will build on the members behalf.  It is not possible for Engineer Aftercare Ltd to qualify images as being permitted or authorised for use and as such when completing our ‘Register a Business’ application form, you are confirming that we are permitted to use such images displayed by us on our website.  It is the responsibility of you the member to pay any fees or licencing as required by a third party owner, such fees and licences should be paid for the entire period we may display them while working with you.  Failure to pay such fees and licences will be the responsibility of that working partner.

By registering to work with Engineer Aftercare Ltd, you are confirming you have read and understood the compliance requirements below.

  1. Where customers seek to buy, seek further information or request details on products, the Introducer/member will forward them to the appropriate point of sale, name, telephone number, email or website address as provided by Engineer Aftercare.
  2. The Introducer/member will not pass to Engineer Aftercare, any customer information or data without prior request in an email from that customer
  3. Following an Introduction, the Introducer/member will not: Accept from the Prospective Customers or any other party, premium or claims monies or correspondence for transmission to EIA in connection with contracts of insurance or insurance mediation services
  4. The Introducer/working partner warrants and confirms that it does not and will not conduct a regulated activity as defined by the FCA without FCA authorisation

Engineer Aftercare Ltd will make efforts to ensure all information and services available on its site are accurate however, working partners may display content that we do not agree with, can endorse or guarantee is accurate.  Customers should undertake their own due diligence when using, accessing or engaging in any works, contact or activity with workshops and Partners found on our site.  

Habitation checks and Servicing Mid-Term:

Vehicles with a warranty cover in place should have an active Habitation check or Motor Service to the manufactures requirements.  At the point of the warranty start, a Habitation check within the last 12 months, and for a Motor vehicle, a service within the last 2 years or 20,000 miles.  Where an anniversary for either is due mid-term of the warranty period, they will need completing to enjoy any remaining period of cover.

Vehicle use limitations: Under any warranty contract/policy use of the vehicle is for leisure purposes only, this may include extended touring up to 60 days in the UK and European Union.  Use of any vehicle as a permanent residence beyond  60 days is not permitted (See cover booklet for more details).  Vehicles used as ‘Rentals’ with or without being part of an organisation such as Goboony, can purchase a warranty where; 1: The vehicle is privately owned by the person named in the warranty cover. 2: The vehicle is not rented out for more than 12 weeks in any one year.  3: That the vehicle is mostly used for family holidays by the owner/person named in the warranty cover.  *Engineer Aftercare Ltd reserves the right to cancel a warranty cover where these criteria are not met, no refund will be made in the event of a cancellation.

Complaints or Cancellation of an ‘Insurance Policy’ where used under the CaSSOA member site arrangements or  ‘Warranty Guarantee’ our standard product.

To find out our arrangements for complaints or redress if something goes wrong with the  insurance policy, in the first instance contact Autoguard MBi at CEO, Autoguard Warranties Ltd, Building 5, Archipelago Office Park, Lyon Way, Camberley, Surrey GU16 7ER

Tel: 03432 271 499

Fax: 01276 672015

Email: complaints@autoguardwarranties.com

Customers can cancel their Contract or policy by written email or Letter within 14 days of receipt of your policy from Engineer Aftercare Ltd.  Where any claim has been made. under your policy or contract, within the 14 day period, no refund can be made. 

The relevant representative body. The FCA’s register can be accessed via their website at www.fca.org.uk/register. Our complaints procedure is available in writing, on request.

Should your complaint be about the company that underwrites this Policy, you may write to Mr Anthony Mowatt Chairman, Bastion Insurance, 4th Floor, Development House, St Anne Street, Floriana, FRN 9010, Malta.

In Your written complaint please head Your letter COMPLAINT and include Your policy number and Your full name and address, and detail the reason for Your complaint to include copies of any relevant material You may wish to provide.

Complaints in relation to the initial sale, purchasing journey or policy document delivery

Engineer Aftercare Ltd is here, if you experienced an issue with the initial purchasing process, payment or policy documents receipt.  Contact Martyn Raybould MD, Engineer Aftercare Ltd, Marlin House, 36 Sea Lane, Pagham, West Sussex, PO21 4UJ

Tel: 01243 264056

Email: martyn@engineerinsuranceandaftercare.com

  • Cancellation of any policy should be sent in writing to Autoguard MBi the policy administrator. Engineer Aftercare Ltd cannot cancel this product on the customer behalf.