Engineer Aftercare Post Manufacturer or dealer Warranty for Caravan & Motorhome

Buy your Engineer aftercare 'warranty' from as little as £199 for a single or double axle caravan. And just £279 for a Motorhome or Campervan.

Because what many others call simply ‘Warranty’ we dont, Engineer Aftercare is so much more.  If your vehicle is under 12 years old, our Aftercare warranty includes important items not included by others such as; mis-fuel, lost keys, driver interface-systems and where applicable catalytic converters to Motorhome engines.    That’s why our Aftercare is all the cover you need.

See below what’s included in your Aftercare warranty and you can also save money by choosing Aftercare with EU Roadside Assistance & Recovery to your product for complete comfort.

Add Full EU Roadside Assistance & Recovery to your engineer aftercare? It's a great way to save money on buying the two products separately..


Buy your Engineer Aftercare from just £199 or choose from:

Grey Clock

Online claim subscription with real time access

(so you dont have to pick up the phone)

Red Clock

Fast claim payments

Most claims settled within 2 weeks!

Our Motorhome cover at a glance....


Our Caravan cover at a glance....


A note to you the customer, from our Managing Director.

Many companies will tell you that ‘Quality, Value and Service is Guaranteed’. But some companies have one company you pay, another to handle a call, another to make a claim and yet another when you feel you have an issue not being addressed.  We dont think thats great service.
With Engineer Aftercare there is just one.  Autoguard will sort everything!  But, as Managing Director of Engineer Aftercare Ltd its my job to ensure you receive the advice and service you expect, we want you to be completely happy with us and even introduce us to your friends..   So feel free to get in touch and let me know how we did!

Martyn Raybould MCMI – Managing Director