ValetPRO: Everything the Caravan & Motorhome owner needs for cleaning, enhancing and protecting their vehicles

UK manufacturer of Caravan and Motorhome cleaning and maintenance products

Customer Offer: Engineer Insurance and Aftercare customers buying ANY product receive a 10% discount off the entire ValetPRO range. Simply mention to ValetPRO you are an Engineer Aftercare customer or email: to find out more.

ValetPRO is an established British manufacturer of car care products, born from the hands-on valeting experience of owner and MD Greg Spink. ValetPRO boasts a 15 year pedigree of manufacturing and selling an extensive range of specialist car care products to 32 countries around the world.
Developed in-house, our products solve the cleaning needs of every car owner – they are reliable, cost effective and easy to use.
Our Luxury Caravan Wash was designed to target dirt and encapsulate it with lubricating suds so you can safely and easily rinse it away. Available in user friendly 1 litre and 5 ltre containers, ideal for using at home or store a small bottle in your vehicle to use while away.

Larger 5ltr containers can save you money
Or buy convenient sized bottles for onsite

Caravan Wash & Shine uses water less cleaning technology for fast removal of light dirt and water spots. Ideal for use on-site, it’s easy to use and leaves a high gloss finish.

ValetPRO also have a wide range of products to keep your tow car in the same tip top condition with our car range:

For Workshops: ValetPRO is the exclusive partner to Engineer Aftercare Ltd, for all matters paint and vehicle interior and exterior maintenance, of Cars, Caravans & Motorhomes. If AWS Dealer Workshops or Mobile members are interested in stocking, retail displays or using ValetPRO care products in your business, please contact Steve Miller and ensure you mention you are registered with AWS as a member.  

Want to clean and maintain your Caravan, Motorhome or Tow car like an expert? Simple, just Ask Elliott..

“Ask Elliott” – As an Owner, do you have a question about cleaning your Caravan, Motorhome or tow vehicle? Well now you can ask Elliott, ValetPRO’s friendly in-house detailing expert simply email your question to :

ValetPRO is an official partner to Engineer Aftercare Ltd, if you as a workshop would like details on becoming a ValetPRO stockist or whole sale user, please contact our ValetPRO liaison or tel: 07434 848 416 Click here to go to

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