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Motorhome Sales are Booming!

From our friends at WeBuyAnyMotorCaravan.com. Following Covid-19 and its disruption to usual holidays, the world has gone mad for Caravans, Campers and Motorhomes, so to keep you Up to Speed, Read on!

The Great Motorhome Sales Boom | Sales & Trends for 2021

Motorhomes have never been so popular. At least, that’s according to the latest figures from our friends at MotorhomesCampervans.net and WeBuyAnyMotorCaravan.com.

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Because of the coronavirus pandemic, and its disruption on air travel and international holidays, so-called ‘staycations’ exploded in popularity in 2020. As a result, many Brits decided to climb into a motorhome for the first time or start caravanning.

We suspect a lot of people were already thinking about taking up the hobby, and this was just the push they needed. A lot of other people may have just been keen to make the most of a year largely stuck “at home” — and so took advantage of that fact.

To get a better picture of this phenomenal growth of motorhome enthusiasts, we did some data-digging. And below is our research, in a handy Infographic for you to look at:

(For those of you who prefer to read, scroll past the Infographic.)

Map of the UK key buying areas, with Wales and it’s stunning coastline leading the way

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The most popular types of Motorhome purchased in the UK

Our thanks to WeBuyAnyMotorcaravan.com and Motorhomescampervans.net for providing this information. Additional sources include:

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