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Winter is here and so are the Caravan & Motorhome chores!

Winter is here and so are the Caravan & Motorhome chores! To maintain effectiveness and safety, here are 5 top tips to keep your vehicle in good order.


Engineer Aftercare Warranty is proud to work with and recommend CaSSOA (Caravan Storage Site Owners Association. With over 450 approved sites around the UK, from simple storage for vehicles to high end security for higher value ones, CaSSOA have a site near to you! To find out more about affordable and safe, secure storage, go to: CaSSOA

Sound tarmac or hardcore ground is vital to keeping your running gear, running!

Good advice and more from TheLeisureShop.Com

The leisure Shop website is a One Stop Shop for everything Motorhome & Campervan touring, with a Shop, Hire and lots more. Plus! great advice on preparing and using your Motor Caravan in the Winter months. For more information click on the image below.

Click on the brochure above to find out more!


MotorhomeCampervans.net is a fantastic and broad ‘Directory’ of everything the touring enthusiast needs to Buy, Sell or Maintain your Campervan or Motorhome. They regularly recommend great dealers from whom to buy, WeBuyAnyMotorCaravan.com as the best place to SELL your vehicle and get a great price. They also have a wide range of video’s on a huge range of subjects like this one from Shield Total Insurance on storing your vehicles in the Winter. Top 10 Tips to Winter Storage

Storing on hard core is an excellent way to drain rain away from the wheels and be free of mud and sinkage

Habitation Servicing in the Winter

The annual Habitation Service is a vital part of both maintaining the Caravan, Campervan or Motorhome, but is also the best way to underpin the value of your vehicle. An expensive investment, higher values can be achieved when selling, when a vehicle comes with a comprehensive Habitation Service history. There are two organisations that can sort your ‘Habcheck’, either by taking it to a workshop or often more common is to have the mobile engineer call on your home or storage point. Engineer Aftercare exclusively recommends The Approved Workshop Scheme for servicing and repairs to Caravans and Motorhomes habitation sections. With over 560 approved fixed and mobile workshops around the UK, its the reason we chose them to be our exclusive partner for warranty repairs.

Approved, Gas Corgi registered and expert workmanship underpins the safety and value of your vehicle

If we can be of any assistance to Caravan, Campervan or Motorhome owners in 2023, please get in touch. You can reach us to explore anything at all to touring on our Contact Us Page

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