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What’s in a Name. What do you call your much loved Caravan, Camper or Motorhome?

What’s in a Name. What do you call your much loved Caravan, Camper or Motorhome?

Staycating in the UK and traveling around Europe has never been more popular, and many owners we speak to tell us they just love spending time in their Caravan, Camper or motorhomes. It is also very popular to make that home from home even more cosy by giving it a ‘Name’. Planning your next road trip in ‘Daisy’ the Dethleffs motorhome is so much more fun!

So, Engineer Aftercare asked our friends at Venus Caravan Owners Club and our customer base, two important questions in our ‘What’s in a Name’ competition:

  • What do you call your Caravan, Campervan or Motorhome?
  • And why?

To make it really special with great prizes, we asked our friends at Veloce Publications to recommend some books that will fit the bill, they went one better and sent us two sets of excellent and perfectly placed books fo our Venus Club and general winners!

Wonderful walks and More Wonderful walks from Dog Friendly campsites

These two perfect books for walkers and pet lovers alike are the perfect companion for your next and future trips away.

Our selected and favourite entries were:

Jeffrey Willis: We own an Elddis Majestic 255. Our motorhome is called Mabel after my mother-in-law who thought she was a distant member of the royal family and as the motorhome is a Majestic, the name stuck.

Mark Schofield: Hi Maryn, Our motorhome is called ‘Tess’ because it is a Benimar Tessoro

Teresa Sanderson: Our Venus was ‘Violet’ – named after my Nan who was full of life, right up to almost 90, making every second count! She would’ve loved the caravan trips and socials.
Our Compass Omega is called ‘Cilla’… Because she invited us “to step inside, love…

Charlotte Harrison: Venus Competition. We named our Caravan ‘Veronica’ as our sales had called her Veronica, so we just carried on and we love her to bits!

Catherine Blease: My Venus caravan is called ‘Milo’…as in Milo de Venus 🙂 Thanks, Catherine

And the Venus Owners Club Winner is….

Drum Roll……. Teresa Sanderson! From the Venus Owners Club!

Thank you Teresa Sanderson. We liked the description of your clearly much-loved Nan Violet, and her penchant for loving life right through into her nineties.. Brilliant!

And the General entry winner to our competition is….

Thank you Jeffrey Willis. We loved the idea of your having a distant relative to the Royal family in your midst, we have every belief she was as ‘Majestic’ as your Motorhome. Excellent!

Our thanks to all entries and each will be sent a voucher for £40 off any warranty product in our portfolio, at any time in 2023-2024

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