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Taking your Campervan or Motorhome around Europe in 2022. Goboony have 5 great routes!

Taking your Campervan or Motorhome around Europe in 2022. Goboony have 5 great routes!

Engineer Aftercare Says: Our friends at Goboony peer to peer rentals, know a thing or two about touring Europe, it was the owners touring in the Campervan that triggered the idea for his, the fastest growing ‘Peer to Peer’ rental company on the web. They have provided 5 relatively easy and great fun road trips in the EU for 2022. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY HERE.

Welcome! The guide is packed full of information regarding the best five routes for taking your campervan around Europe. From
start to finish, we’ve got you covered, including local driving rules, what to expect and the best places to stop along the
We’ve even included a bonus route, just for you! This European road trip is definitely one to add to your bucket
list. So let’s get started and prepare you for your European road trip adventure!

Lets take a look at just one route, 4 more fantastic trips await you with full details to hand, completeley free of charge from Goboony.

La Route des Grandes Alpes
Distance: 617 km
Start: Thonon-les-Bains
End: Menton
This route, officially known as D902, is definitely a must-visit! Stretching from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea, this road
trip gives you the chance compare and contrast lifestyles in the mountains and the Mediterranean. This route is one you cannot
miss if you’re taking an RV around Europe. The best part? The route has several mountain passes, and sections of the road have been used in the Tour de France. These spectacular views don’t have to be viewed from behind the windows of your car- you can ride a bike along these beautiful paths and get lost in the beauty of the mountainous nature.
1: The roads are often closed during winter, meaning they only open from JuneOctober, after all the snow has melted completely. However roads may close earlier if snowfall comes earlier than expected.
2: Although you may be travelling during the summer, it can get chilly in the mountains so be sure to pack an extra sweater!
3: Avoid travelling around the weeks of July 14th and August 15th (both of which are national holidays). Roads can become quite busy, making travelling a little more of a hassle.

Driving over the Alps will be a life-changing experience (For the good of course!)

Touring in Europe is a wonderful experience but remember things are different now that the UK is no longer in the European Union. Make sure you are aware of the changed requirements to driving in the EU.

Check you have the required items for driving there and you have suitable clothing and the vehicle in condition to drive in the clouds! Be safe and well in 2022! (PS: We know we used an image of two adventurers on another mountain, but you get the idea!)

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