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Rock n Roll Beds: Sleeping in a Camper

Rock n Roll Beds: Sleeping in a Camper?

Sleeping in a large double bed in a motorhome is one thing, but what about sleeping in a smaller campervan? We asked our friends at Sussex Campervans to explain just how comfortable ‘Rock n Roll’ beds are, and we were really surprised with the answer!

A good holiday needs excellent sleep, which means a good bed. The common question I’d like to answer is, can I have a good sleep in my campervan?

I’ve been comparing the different types of rock and roll beds. Lots of people, when they’re thinking of buying a campervan, wonder whether they can really have a good night’s sleep like they do at home in a campervan bed – or a rock and roll bed, as they’re often called. A lot of people wonder if it’s more like dozing in a chair and you wake up with a stiff neck and an aching back…

This video is all about the different sorts of campervan beds, showing how they convert from travel seat to bed and back again. I think it will help you to choose one that’s going to work well for you.

Click on the image above to see our Video to find out more..

I think you’d agree, there’s a world of difference between the differing options, even though they might appear similar on first inspection. If you’d like to actually try out some campervan beds in person, do feel free to reply to this email, give us a call and come down to visit us. I promise you’ll be really welcome.

Speak soon,

Daniel Lopez-Ferreiro
MD of Sussex Campervan

About Sussex Campervans

Sussex Campervans designs and builds a unique range of premium campervans, customised to suit your needs – whether you are buying your campervan from our stock vehicles or having one built to order in our Horsham workshops.

Have you watched some of our videos and downloaded our free Essential Campervan Buyer’s Guide? If so, you’ve taken the first steps towards buying your campervan.

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Our Nissan EV model is fully electric with zero emissions!

When you visit us, we’ll be happy to show you around the stock campervans for sale and the campervan workshops. While chatting with you about how the right campervan could enhance your lifestyle, we’ll make you hot and cold drinks in our spacious hospitality suite. It’s a comfy place to relax as you browse through the fabric samples, flooring, paint colours and furniture finishes we can offer. There’s so much to show you, and we want to be able to allocate the proper amount of time to you to show you round. Just ring us on 01403 336 369 or email hello@sussexcampervans.com for a chat or to book an appointment.


‘We constantly work to improve and enhance what we do, so that we can provide a tailor-made campervan that’s ideal for you. We will take the time to find out about you, the adventures you are planning and how you will use your campervan, so we can create a perfect match. (See our unique ‘All Electric Campervan‘)

You may find a stock vehicle that suits you, or you might choose one of our layouts and ask us to customise the upholstery, furniture and accessories to build your bespoke campervan. Either way, our team will work with you to get everything right, down to the last detail’.

Booking a visit or to see our stock is really easy at www.sussexcampervans.com

Engineer Aftercare says: ‘We work with a range of bespoke campervan manufacturers, weekend and adventure vehicles have moved on from the days of VW and now come in a range of sizes, styles, with substantial comfort. From ambient lighting to fully electric vehicles and interiors are now available from Sussex Campervans’.

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