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Other people make mistakes!

Other people make mistakes! Not so. Because having watched this highly disturbing but brilliant video from the New Zealand Police I know I do too. I know I make mistakes all the time without thinking, because this video brought that into relief.

I drive a Mercedes Benz E-350 Sport. Not a sexy car or expensive now in the great scheme of things, it can be rapid but its not ‘Fast’ like a sports car, its a fat saloon so a little heavy but it is smooth and seamless to drive. Like lots of modern cars, it can lull me sometimes into a sense of comfort, pace and when I set the cruise control, it kind of drives itself. And therein lies the risk!

The same risks apply if not more to touring in our Motorhome, Campervan or towing a Caravan, because the longer the journey the greater the weariness from driving..



I also work while I drive around the country, I think about and pre-plan meetings I am going to. I have answered the telephone using Bluetooth to talk business. I also feel the driving experience so sometimes speed up to the speed limit of the road I am on. If its 30, I do 30, if it’s 50, I do 50 and so on, I ‘Drive’ my car because I love the experience. But what about my ‘Duty of care’ to others?

Long drives, unusual landscapes and new roads need more diligence!

Ask yourself. ‘How often have I driven and lost the last few minutes’?

It is a common feeling to lose yourself in driving for several minutes, so we want you to ‘Think in the moment’ when driving in 2022! Drive your car with thought and care, we want our trade members, enthusiasts and those we share the road with to live, survive and thrive in 2022. WATCH THE VIDEO!

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