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NEC show 2019!

Another enjoyable Caravan & Motorhome show for 2019.. I dont know the numbers specifically, but the 2 days I attended seemed a little quieter than last year but I am sure these will be publicised soon. What I do know is that there was some stunning new ‘stuff’ on view. From beautiful caravans and motorhomes to fantastically innovative trailer tents from Opus! What can be done now in a low weight, easily towed trailer is brilliant, and it comes with 2 double beds or bed and sitting area, cooker, fridge and for complete ease of set up comes with an inflatable frame.. Forget age or health limitations if you still love the outdoors, that particular unit is worth seeing.. https://opuscamper.co.uk

I met some super friendly businesses throughout my 2 days in Brum and have plans to wherever possible do business with several.. We are a new company having only launched in August, we are different but the product platforms of Insurance and Aftercare warranty have been around for some time and we will be setting our stall out as the place to go for a warranty.. Sadly, an often common perception of some warranty products is that they can be lacking in both service and when the unthinkable happens paying up, which is why this company, My company Engineer Aftercare Ltd will be different. As Managing Director the buck stops with me, and customers have access to both my email and Direct Dial office to explore advice or issues if they ever feel our services have not fulfilled their expectations..

Just unhook, and flick a switch, then put the kettle on. OK, or open the first week’s bottle of Malbec
Also got to see the latest incarnation of the VW T6 Camper.. Hyper cool..

My thanks to Sarah, Reece and the AWS engineers with whom I chatted. My thanks also to those businesses I spoke to for allowing important time to chat to me and I very much look forward to exploring working with them in the future.

Martyn Raybould MCMI Managing Director

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