The Caravan Writers Guild

Journalists, Photographers & Broadcasters

The Caravan Writers Guild was formed in 1982 when a small group of journalists got together with the objective of creating a professional body that would be a force for good within the industry. Since then the Guild has flourished and has become home to many well-known names.

Today the Guild acts as an important link between the industry and its writers. Our standing can be judged by the companies that support us through our Friend sponsorship scheme. This sponsorship enables the Guild to host various events during the year, all of which provide excellent networking opportunities.

A CGW journalist finding the perfect framing to photograph this classic VW campervan

The guild writers have interests and expertise in all aspects of Caravanning, Camper and Motorhoming around Europe and the UK, both as Journalists, Photographers and Broadcasters, but also as Owners and Enthusiasts.

Caravan-Campervan-Motorhomes – A definition of;

“Any structure designed or adapted for human habitation which is capable of being moved from one place to another (whether by being towed, or by being transported on a motor vehicle or trailer) and any motor vehicle so designed or adapted…”

This means not just touring caravans but motorhomes, campervans, static caravans, trailer tents, park and holiday homes are all included and covered by our members. We are a group of true professionals encompassing writers, broadcasters, photographers, editors and publishers; both staff and freelance, with over 80 members in the UK and a handful overseas.

Guild members are not just experts, but avid caravanners themselves

Our members are an active lot with some spending many months away from home each year. This may involve writing about new and interesting places to go, testing products, or both.

News on new technology & innovation is a core aspect for CWG members

But written work is only a part of what we do. Video work and digital content is becoming ever more important and many members are now gaining fame through embracing these mediums.

To help them on their way the Guild has sponsored several specialist workshops run by experienced presenters. These include   workshops on social media and how to make it work for you. We will continue to sponsor training for members to better enable them to perform their important work.

Engineer Aftercare Says: Engineer Aftercare is delighted to support the Caravan Writers Guild, because everything the members do is for you, keeping dealerships and owners ‘Up to Speed’ with the latest technology and so much more, so what can you the Engineer Aftercare customers and owners do? As a reader of guild content, here are some simple things you can do to get involved:

  • ‘Like’ a piece of content you have read and enjoyed
  • ‘Share’ with friends, news, information and content you read online
  • ‘Post’ your own view of something on facebook, Twitter and other sites and mention the author (Ideally with a link)

Get in touch with the guild

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