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Manufacturer Warranties under pressure!

  • Historical new vehicle warranty costs at highest during the 12 months after launch
  • Pressure on cost-down in manufacturing can be at odds with maintaining quality
  • Manufacturers can protect themselves by addressing quality issues at source

Below is a recently provided news briefing on manufacturer warranty on new vehicles, with millions of pounds spent on fixing early problems, what about vehicles 3 years and older when the manufacturer warranty has ended? Add to that if an owner has missed a Habitation or Service, the manufacturer warranty is void! Some dealerships only offer 6 or even just 3 months warranty on pre-owned vehicles too. The solution is your own award-winning warranty cover from Engineer Aftercare, from just £201 caravan and £281 Motorhomes-Campervans, you have the Peace of Mind of an AWS approved workshop covered warranty.

New models warranty from manufacturers

Vehicle manufacturers must protect themselves from warranty claims during new car launch periods by driving back quality issues into the supply chain, according to the latest advice being issued today.

Indeed, historical warranty claims are generally at their highest during the 12 months after the launch of a new model compared with any other time during the life cycle of the vehicle.

The insight from Geoff Cousins, chairman at quality management provider G&P and former managing director at Jaguar UK, also highlights how the shape of warranty claims is changing due to ever more sophisticated in-car technology, switching away from mechanical defaults to software coding issues.

Geoff said: “During the busy launch period of a new car, maintaining quality can come under pressure with the need to get the new car to market in volume.

“However, addressing quality issues at source will reduce warranty costs as any build issues will be detected at the initial stage meaning less chance of breakdown or faults following launch.”

Adding to the equation is the changing nature of warranty claims as new technology introduces more software coding with the potential to corrupt and slow or stop a part or function from working, such as sat-navs, communication devices, and driver aids.

Meanwhile, not only is there a financial cost of warranty claims to manufacturers, which can run into the hundreds of millions of pounds but there is also the reputational damage associated with faulty products, including damage caused to global brands.

Geoff added: “Quality, not least from a safety-critical viewpoint, must not be compromised in the pursuit of sales.

“It also makes financial sense to address quality issues at source in the supply chain rather than rework in the production process and risk associated warranty claims after launch.”

So, what does an award winning warranty cover?

Your motorhome Motor and Habitation sections are covered
The Tow, undersection and Habitation sections covered for Caravan

For vehicles from 1 to 15 years old, Engineer Aftercare Can provide a quality warranty for when the unthinkable happens. Vehicles must be Habitation checked within the last year and motor vehicles been serviced to the manufacturer recommendations within 2 years or 20,000 miles. For more details go to www.engineerinsuranceandaftercare.com or call 01243 264056

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