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Lunar Caravan Owners feeling let down..

Despite the issues across the UK recently, we seem to be helping a higher than average number of Lunar Caravan and Motorhome owners in the last few months. I suspect this is as a result of the large number of new vehicles bought with a warranty cover providing peace of mind, which was then dropped when the manufacturer went into administration, the newly launched Lunar company then chose not to agree a full replacement warranty for all. Only some of the Lunar dealers were re-agreed it seems and their specific customers would continue to have the warranty cover.

The lack of details and customer service from the orginal Lunar business meant many owners were not sure what was covered and by whom. As MD I have received a number of calls from worried customers who bought a Lunar vehicle and found that they no longer had a warranty in place. We have also received enquiries from a number of Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS) members on providing one for their customers.

So, lets make clear for you if you are a Lunar or other Caravan or Motorhome owner who no longer has their original warranty cover in place

Whats covered with a Caravan warranty?

If a picture paints a thousand words, take a look at this graphic:

And, we ONLY use AWS approved workshops to effect repairs..

There is of course lots more covered in your full cover brochure for £199.00, but the image shows all those key areas of particular importance to owners and particularly aspects such as water ingress.

What is covered with a Motorhome warranty?

Even more is covered with our Motorhome warranty as you see..

Our Motorhome warranty includes even more, as the Hab section while important is also carried by a commercial van aspect of Engine, gearbox, drive train and the cab. For £279.00 your cover is excellent and includes many things not added by others including the catalytic converter and engine management systems, add to that up to 50% of the cost of entertainment and sat nav and its a very broad product..

The cover, also needs great customer service!

When we launched our business in 2019, we know we needed to be different not just make it a little cheaper to buy, so we agreed with the Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS), the national body recognised by all manufacturers and dealers in the UK and Europe, to provide cover and repairs for us. So, we dont use a workshop that is VAT registered but mostly works on cars! We only use AWS approved Caravan, Campervan and Motorhome specialists for our repairs to your vehicle..

We think thats a much better deal alongside being cheaper to buy. So included in your Caravan cover £199 or Motorhome and Camper cover £279 you get:

1: 12 months cover

2: £1000 claim limit with unlimited claims

3: We only use the AWS approved specialist workshops and Halfords Commercial for Motorhomes, so they can utilise high rise ramps

4: Easy to set up online or over the telephone and even faster to make a claim over the phone to include approval to get the work done

5: Same day provision of your documents

6: Add full UK-EU breakdown for just £79

We think thats a real saving and ensures peace of mind for Lunar and other manufacturer owners, we also work with several Caravan and Motorhome clubs as their exclusive warranty company for their members. Sont forget to check on our website or with your own club on discounts for club members..

Martyn Raybould Managing Director

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