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Covid-19 lockdown is lifting!

So, where is good to go for your first forays out in your new or long-stored caravan, campervan or motorhome? Well, our good friends at World of Caravans, Campervans and Motorhomes have some great ideas for you.

Just a few weeks to go until the next stage of no-lockdown when (in England) most campsites will be open again for you to visit.

And it was great news in The Budget last week that VAT will remain at reduced rates for the next 12 months for Hospitality with the 5% rate applicable to campsites until September.

Campsites recommended offer a safer bet when trying for the first time

Engineer Aftercare Warranty are also pleased to work with an excellent destination in Widdecombe Park in the ‘British Riviera’ of Torquay and Paignton. A family site, you are guaranteed a warm welcome from Thelma, Gordon & the team.

Join a Caravan, Campervan or Motorhome club

There are a whole host of clubs to join, and there are 2 main clubs with Caravan & Camping Club and Caravan & Motorhome Club. But, there are also lots of smaller clubs that can be even more fun as they are generally more personal and friendly due to their size. Engineer Aftercare Warranty is partnered with 3 clubs: Coachman Owners Club, Auto-Trail Owners Club and Burstner Owners Club. If you think why should I bother? You would be wise to read on!

The Auto-Trail OC is one of the friendliest clubs in the UK, with trips both in the UK and EU

Clubs are excellent places to hugely enhance your ownership and enjoyment in touring, and here is why:

  • They dont cost a great deal to join annually
  • Clubs are a great place to find out more about your new vehicle, there are likely to be many owners with the same or like models
  • Clubs host a range of UK and EU events and tours to join
  • Enjoy instant affinity with other owners and make friends fast
  • Find out technical details, source problem solving and more
  • Get discounts and other benefits from club membership

World of Motorhomes recommends The Motorhome Holiday company

There is also a new service available now from The Motorhome Holiday Company.

They have launched a weekly ‘Campsite Availability eAlert’ service to update would-be holidaymakers with details of which campsites across the UK are open and taking bookings.

The service is free to sign up to until 31st March, after which it will be available for a one-off cost of £9.99.

Also from The Motorhome Holiday Company is a downloadable Staycation Guide – Staycation Inspiration. There is also a hard copy option for £4.99

Whether you own your own motorhome, are looking to hire or are considering dragging the tent out of the shed for the first time in a while, this guide is for you. You’ll find stacks of useful information, planning tools, checklists and destination resources on the websites recommended.

World of Caravans, World of Campervans and World of Motorhomes with each site dedicated to the vehicle type can be found at World Of

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