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Essential guides and top tips: COVID-19: Your insurance questions, answered

Please see below some advice from Adrian Flux specialist insurer. This similar advice will be available from your own insurer so should anyone get into difficulty or have concerns, GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR INSURER sooner rather than later! We are all in this together and they should have support in place to assist you.. Be safe all

As we go into lockdown in the face of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) threat many people are asking what help their insurance provider can give in these incredibly trying times. 

Help from your insurer when it is needed

The ABI (Association of British Insurers) is reassuring people that its motor and home insurance members are offering enhanced help and support to all their customers who may be affected by the impact of Coronavirus.

The commitments include waiving any requirements to extend cover for key workers who may need to drive to different locations, people who want to help their communities by transporting medicines or groceries to support those affected by Coronavirus and office workers who need to work from home. These follow on from guidance already issued by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Motor and home insurers have pledged to:

  • Support those who need to make a claim
  • Support those who are working from home
  • Support those who cannot work from home
  • Support those who use their cars to help communities
  • Support our key workers

Here experts at Adrian Flux, one of the country’s largest independent specialist insurance brokers, answers your Coronavirus insurance questions.

I have been told to work from home because of the Coronavirus, will that affect my home insurance policy?

If your work is clerical in nature, working from home due to the need to self-isolate or because you have been ordered to do so by your employer because of the Coronavirus outbreak, you should be covered by standard home insurance policies. However, if you need to have visitors in the course of your work you should check with your insurer as there may be restrictions in the cover permitted. 

Because of my age I am advised to self-isolate for an extended period. Can I pause my car insurance?

It is a legal requirement to have valid car insurance unless you register your vehicle as being off the road and apply for a SORN. In this case it may be appropriate for you to consider laid-up motor insurance cover

Even when unused and parked in a garage while you keep safe from the Coronavirus, cars can be damaged by accident or by fire and they can be targeted by thieves and criminals. With laid-up cover they remain protected but the policies are cheaper because, as they are not being driven, there is no third party or liability insurance needed. 

Adrian Flux laid-up insurance is available at two levels, fire and theft or fire and theft plus accidental damage, so they suit any budget and any need.

I have been laid off because of COVID-19. I’m worried I may not be able to meet my insurance instalments. What should I do?

One of the benefits of dealing with a specialist broker such as Adrian Flux is that we can be sensible and offer flexibility in times of uncertainty such as these. Adam Hollinger, Customer Service Floor Supervisor at Adrian Flux, explained: “We’ll do our best to arrange individual payment plans given the current climate.  

“Individual plans will be based on a client’s previous payment history. If the customer has a good payment record we will do whatever we can to help. But advise us in good time that you are having financial difficulties and we will help you get through it.”

My car is booked for an MOT, do I still need to get it during the Coronavirus lockdown?

Garages undertaking MOT tests have been deemed an “essential service” by the government, which means they’ll stay open despite the lockdown. That means your insurance could be invalidated if your vehicle doesn’t have a valid test certificate. This may change if the government decides to reclassify MOT test centres as “non essential”.

If I have to self-isolate and need someone to drive my car to collect groceries or medicine, will they be insured?

In these circumstances you should contact your broker and have them added to your policy as a named driver.

If the new driver has car insurance that includes driving other cars and they drive yours with your permission they will only get third-party cover. If you are fully comprehensive and want to ensure damage to your own car is covered when someone else uses it, contact your broker to add the other person as a named driver to your policy.

I have lost my job because of Coronavirus. What should I do and what are the financial implications on my motor insurance?

Adam said: “Get on the phone to your broker and let them know what has happened and they will do their best to help you.   “We’re not applying Additional Premiums for mid-term changes to unemployed customers and we won’t be issuing Road Traffic Act notices for unacceptable risks due to unemployment as a result of COVID-19.

“We are doing what we can to accommodate this, please get in touch to talk to a member of the customer service team.”

This is the advice from Adrian Flux specialist and classic car insurer, most insurers across the sector will have similar changes to aid their customers deal with this tough times. If you are having ANY worries about managing either insurance or finances GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR INSURER! They will help you anyway they can at this time.. Martyn Raybould Managing Director SVA

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