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Engineer Aftercare welcomes its new Caravan & Motorhome CLUB partners!

One of the the most important things we wanted to do when I launched Engineer Aftercare Ltd was to connect with the many Owner Clubs in the sector. If you are the officer of a particular marque club why not get in touch with us, we always endorse and supports Clubs.

Buying or Owning a Caravan or Motorhome for the first time can be a daunting experience and with no small risk, as relatively new vehicles can be expensive!

That’s why I know the Clubs are often the best way to network with owners and get advice, support, find spares and even quality dealers that other owners have used and enjoyed the experience! To find out more about any of the clubs with whom we work simply click on the links below and make contact, I can assure you of a very warm welcome as a prospective member or owner wanting to maximise the fun of ownership with like minded friends..

Auto-Trail Owners Club

26 years old and still going strong.. Auto-Trail host a range of social and rally events all over the UK and Europe, membership details can be found on their page and ownership is all you need, whether the vehicle is an earlier or 2020 model.. The club website has 16 dedicated links to everything you need as an owner or member, check out the many happy member event images to give you a better idea on the value of joining a Club..

Coachman Owners Club

Coachman Owners Club is the official club recognised by the manufacturer. On their website owners of Coachman caravans will find a range of dealers, advice and information about joining the club.. You will also find evocative images of Coachman owners enjoying a leisurely stroll on some beautiful beach showing one of the best things about Touring Caravan ownership. The freedom!

Bürstner UK Owners Club

The Bürstner UK Owners is a club serving the interests of owners of Bürstner Motorhomes and members of the club. We are a friendly club with a calendar of rallies and events during the year and much more. Once a member, the Club site will display its many events and social gathering details, dealers, advice and much more. Members can also enjoy a range of discounts for shows such as NEC the biggest Caravan show in the seasons calendar!

Are you are an owner or planning to buy a replacement Caravan or Motorhome?

Engineer Aftercare Ltd always recommends to both Owners and new Owners of Caravans or Motorhomes to ensure that joining a club is absolutely the BEST way to get advice, information about manufacturers and models of vehicles you like. Because no one knows a Caravan or Motorhome better that a club full of Owners!

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