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Cleaning your Caravan & Motorhome body safely

Engineer Aftercare is often asked about cleaning the body of a caravan, camper or motorhome, because as we know the make up of the body materials is quite different. So we have asked our friends at ValetPRO to provide some advice:

Owners can see the video blog at Cleaning safely


Unlike caravans and motorhomes, campervans can be cleaned safely with the same products you would use on your car. Of course there are the correct products to enhance and keep your car paintwork safe and water resilient so to see more, go to ValetPRO


Motorhomes start life on a track as a commercial vehicle, the ‘Base’ or ‘Motor Section’ is much the same as any large panel van but instead of the white box so to speak being added, this vehicle has a ‘Habitation’ section fitted. The motor section and cab are of course usually metal much the same as your car, but the Habitation section is made with the same materials as a caravan. Caravans use highly specialised bonding and joining to the panels so using correct cleaning is important to keeping them unaffected by chemicals and therefore secure and dry. To find out more go to: Motorhome/caravan wash

Touring Caravans

Cleaning your caravan is for some a pleasure and for others something of a pain. Especially when a van is on site somewhere and left standing through the seasons. Cleaning your vehicle roof in particular helps rain water to flow down and off the vehicle whereas moss and bird detritus will hold that water in place. So cleaning your caravan properly and regularly does a number of important things: To find out more go to Cleaning my Caravan

  • Helps keep the value of your vehicle in the longer term
  • Helps maintain the integrity of the seals and exterior
  • Cleaning regularly is infinitely easier to clean each time
  • Moss, fungus and bird detritus can stain the exterior walls
  • Looks better and displays diligent ownership

ValetPRO is an official partner to Engineer Aftercare Warranty and customers plus visitors to our website can enjoy a 10% discount on all products when quoting ENG21. To find out more or to buy, go to www.valetpro.global

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