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CaravanTalk: The only forum you will ever need as a caravan or motorhome owner!

Whether you are new to touring in a Caravan or Motorhome, or a full on veteran with all the kit and experience touring the UK and even Europe there is always more to learn, something you need to buy or to expand your friends base and attent shows and events in great company.

The online platform written by caravanners for Caravanners

Now in this era, by far the best way to do that is via a ‘Forum’, a Forum is an online portal where thousands of like minded owners can gather to talk, ask advice, buy things and get feedback on what is good and what is total cr*p to spend your money on.

Engineer Aftercare Warranty has chosen to partner with CaravanTalk exclusively as our Forum partner, for several very easy to identify reasons..

They are there for you 24/7 365 days a year

CaravanTalk has been around a long time, and experience and stability is everything for you the owner on a website, because their recommendations come from experience and feedback from the members themselves. You can talk to others and get advice all day long and early into the early hours if you just need to chat.

Buy Satnav, Cameras and lots more at anytime, night or day!

Breadth of information and advice

Mature and well established sites have lots of members, in this case over one million! Thats 20,000 visitors every week offering a wealth of feedback, advice and experience for you to call upon. We also liked their including simple and not overbearing adverts to prompt us to know something is there that might be of value.. The subjects too are numerous, I mean pretty much everything you could imagine in relation to your Caravan, Campervan and Motorhome ownership and touring advice. As a valued partner to us now, we will be posting lots of advice for forum members on subjects including Warranty Products explained, Towing and weight distribution, Buying or Renewing your insurance and more

Advice to make your touring safe and great fun!

Find and link to advice and companies fast

One of the best parts of CaravanTalk is the number of fast connecting links on the site, you can choose conversation subjects but also simply click on links to buy anything. For instance, I hate having dents in my own car so imagine my surprise to find a company advertised to remove Dents.

So for absolutely everything you will need as a new Caravan or Motorhome owner or as a long standing and experienced veteran, we recommend going to and registering your details completely free of charge on CaravanTalk Forum.

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