Caravan- What is covered. Buying a replacement Warranty for your Caravan should be an easy process, but what is covered/included in the warranty you are buying?

Who can look after me when the unthinkable happens?

An Engineer Aftercare Warranty can be arranged for 1-2-3 year terms and up to £2000 per claim with unlimited claims in any year. Importantly, just as the manufacturer provided, we only use AWS approved workshops. Plus, main dealers, Halfords Commercial workshops and larger VAT registered specialist workshops.

What is covered in a Caravan Warranty

Engineer Aftercare Caravan Warranty enjoys comprehensive cover for the following Running gear and Habitation area:

  • Mechanical & Electrical components as installed by the manufacturer
  • Water Ingress on vehicles up to 7 years old
  • Appliances
  • Water & waste water components
  • Braking systems & running gear

See below an easy to read graphic of a Caravan showing the kay areas covered under your Warranty:

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Engineer Aftercare Warranty also know the importance of being able to speak to someone. So, if you prefer to pick up the telephone and speak to a real person to clarify anything, why not give us a call on:

  • Direct: 01243 264056
  • Mobile: 07927 212401