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Why is servicing your Caravan or Motorhome so important?

Everyone who owns a car will know the benefits of servicing your car each year, but why are there two checks for Caravans, Campervans and Motorhomes and why are they so important?

Firstly, lets take a look at the two different checks or ‘servicing’ a Caravan or Motorhome should have ideally each year, or at least every two years. (You will need to have an annual Hab check and Service annually if you have any manufacturer or extended warranty in place)

Habitation Check

Sometimes called a ‘Habcheck’ or ‘Habitation Service’, this is an important safety and usability check for all Caravans, Campervans and Motorhomes, to make sure that when you need it, everything will work when your away from home. This check focuses on the ‘Hab’ or ‘Habitation’ section which is basically the section you live in when away.

From a safety aspect the check is to ensure that your gas lines, systems, valves, cooker and any heating is safe to use and free from carbon monoxide build up. Given that Butane and Propane bottles are highly explosive if not properly cared for this aspect is vital. Your approved workshop has equipment to check this and the correct flow of gas to your appliances and heating.

Part of a Habcheck is a reading on residue ‘Damp’, there is no real need to be concerned if there is a small amount on any damp reading in the construction, but readings of water ingress and damp at higher levels over 20% are an issue that needs fixing. Water ingress will make the vehicle colder, retain damp which will become mould, this is harder to fix when in a bad state, it will also affect your ability to sell your vehicle and the price you will receive for it.

Engineer Aftercare Warranty only uses Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS) workshops for claim repairs, these are the premier league so to speak of fixed and mobile workshops. There are other organisations such as MCEA (Mobile Caravan Engineer Association), who can also check your vehicle under a Hab check, but only an AWS approved workshop can undertake manufacturer repairs.

Commercial Service

This service is not required for a Caravan, only Campervans and Motorhomes. This is because this service is applied to the Commercial section including the; Engine, Cab, Drive train, Running gear, Braking systems etc. Some workshops only provide Habitation section servicing, so a full service so to speak will be provided usually by specialists and dealerships. Engineer Aftercare Warranty uses AWS workshops catering for this aspect, Halfords Commercial and manufacturer dealerships and such. It is generally recommended that a Motorhome or Campervan is serviced annually or within 20,000 miles.

What are the other reasons for having both a Service and Habcheck?

There are other important reasons for having either a Heb check on your Caravan or a Habcheck and Service on your Campervan or Motorhome. Probably the most relevant to an owner is the residual value of your vehicle.. Just like a car, if the vehicle is well serviced and looked after it will be far more desirable and hold a better price when sold.

Desirability is an important aspect when selling your vehicle, if there are two Motorhomes at around the same price, the most desirable will be the vehicle with a full or partial service history. If the previous owner kept receipts to all works undertaken on it, this will add value too. The comfort of having evidence of a previous caring owner can make a big difference in the price someone will pay, and the reliability of the vehicle for the new owner as well as the existing one..

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