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Caravan & Motorhome prices and availability in 2021-2022

Caravan & Motorhome prices and availability in 2021-22 are in considerable flux. The Coronavirus limiting of manufacturing across the sector means we have a major gap in supply of not only vehicles but parts, components and in particular electronic units that control so much in a modern vehicle.

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UK Motorhome Sales Hit an All-Time High

The latest Market Brief report from the National Caravan Council has revealed that new motorhome sales in the UK reached an all-time high in 2018. The number of new motorhomes registered was 14,655, marginally higher than the previous year’s total of 14,062. Not many will be surprised by this and in fact, it just follows a long-term trend. Over the last ten years, new registrations per annum have grown by 83%, from 8,017 in 2009 to that figure of 14,655 in 2018.

Motorhome Sales Across Europe as a Whole

So motorhome ownership in the UK is on the up and up, but what about Europe as a whole? Well, it’s much the same story if you take a pan-European view. New registrations per annum are up 85% over the same ten-year period. However, if you dig a little deeper, there are wide variations between the different countries. In Germany, the biggest motorhome market in Europe, new registrations per annum are up 167% over the ten-year period. Contrast that with France, the second-biggest market, where growth is only 32%. And in Italy, there are actually 25% fewer new motorhomes being sold per annum than there were ten years ago, with only 6,093 being sold in 2018.

So, what does this mean, given the lack of production in 2020-21?

Values of both pre-owned vehicles in the coming months and new ones delivered in 2022 will only go up. Our friends at WeBuyAnyMotorXCaravan on www.motorhomescampervans.net explain it with values! Engineer Aftercare also recommends our friends at Motorhome Depot Broker Group as a new and one-to-one way of buying your next motorhome.

The Motorhome world according to Shane Malpass of Webuyanymotorcaravan.com

We believe the Caravan and Motorhome sector will continue to grow and thrive, and even though travel restrictions are lifting. Many will default back to long haul travel and cruising, but the sector will continue to attract many more new enthusiasts to touring and staycating in 2022. Prices will go up, so if you are an owner, we recommend you keep your vehicle properly serviced and habitation checked by an AWS approved workshop. And you will, without doubt, re-sell it most likely with a good price in the future..

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