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Caravan, Camper & Motorhome Warranty explained

We are regularly asked to clarify what a warranty is and how it works, so owners can use our Q & A by section for easy reference. 

Who are Engineer Aftercare and who provides the warranty Guarantee’?  Engineer Aftercare the brand was launched in early 2020 and from the outset arranged to work with the AWS (Approved Workshop Scheme) and CaSSOA (Caravan Site Owners Association.  These two groups are the leading workshop and storage providers in the UK.  Our Award-winning Caravan and Motorhome warranty is underwritten by Autoguard MBi, to arrange this presently exclusive arrangement with approved workshops we agree to pay a higher hourly rate than average.

Owners can call now up to 560 fixed & mobile workshops UK wide

‘What are the differences in warranties’? There are generally three types of warranty. 1: Manufacturer warranty when new 2: A post-manufacturer warranty guarantee (Motor Ombudsman compliant) and warranty insurance (FCA compliant)

What vehicles can be covered with a warranty’? Caravans, Campervans, Motorhomes and Cars/Tow-cars, can have a warranty placed on them, subject to their age (1 to 15 years), and having had a recent Habitation check and Service

How do customers find out more or buy a warranty’?  Our website has lots of information on the ‘Aftercare Plans’ page at FIND OUT MORE. We also understand the importance sometimes of speaking to someone to clarify something, so owners can call us to speak to a member of our team on 01243 264056.

What cover is available’?  Owners can buy 1-2-3 years warranty cover, with £500, £1000 or £2000 claim limit depending on the age.  All products come with unlimited claims, no excess and up to £65 call out fee.  Customers can also add full UK- EU Breakdown & Recovery for £79.  Retail prices start from £201 Caravan and £281 Motorhome-Campervan

An overview of our Caravan cover

Who provides any repairs under a claim’?  Customers can call on any one of over 560 AWS approved workshops UK wide, to assess or repair something under a claim, plus Halfords commercial or any VAT-registered commercial garage for a Motor Section on a Motorhome. (Cover extends to local EU workshops, please ask for more details)

What is covered under a warranty’?  Motorhomes: Motor section components; Cab, Engine, Gear box, Drive-train and more. Caravan and Motorhome Habitation section; including Appliances, Water, Gas Electrics, Waste, Water-ingress (Up to 7 years) and more (Full details are in our Cover Booklet) *Manufacturers warranty from new will include more such as doors and furnishings etc

An overview of our Motorhome cover

What are the vehicle requirements’:  The usual age limit is 12 years (144 months) for Warranty and 7 years (84 months) for water ingress.  Some providers like Engineer Aftercare will cover older vehicles up to 15 years with recent Habitation and Service history. (£500 claim limit on vehicles 13-15 years).  Vehicles MUST have a Habitation service within the last 12 months and a manufacturer-recommended service within 24 months or 20,000 miles (Lack of use or mileage does not do away with the need for the Habitation check or Service).  

Why is a Habitation check and Service so important’? 1: If any one year of the required annual/bi-annual services are not completed, the manufacturer warranty may be void!  2: A Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) is NOT the same as a Habitation check, it is often a visual check only and cannot replace the required Habitation check.  3: A Habitation check means the vehicle is checked for safety such as Gas systems and water ingress, early problems can be rectified quickly and save owners money

Fully calibrated testing equipment from AWS workshops

‘Are the Engineer Aftercare rates for warranty competitive’?  Yes!  Engineer Aftercare Motorhome, Camper and Caravan warranty have some of the most competitive retail rates in the sector.  When added to full AWS-approved workshop cover, we think it is unbeatable value for money

Quality caravan dealers like Dyce Caravans Aberdeen use Engineer Aftercare

How easy is it to make a claim’?  We can’t comment on other providers of course but they should also be simple enough to claim, but with Engineer Aftercare making a claim is easy and can be done over the phone or online, even if you are away from home. To make a claim the owner needs to know:

  1. What is the specific issue or component failure
  2. What will it cost to repair or replace it
  3. This estimate can be done by any approved workshop, pass that estimate to our underwriter and where a legitimate claim, up to £65 call out fee can be claimed back also (Full details are in our booklet at Engineer Aftercare Warranty

Can a repair be approved at the time’?  Yes.  With a phone call and an engineer on site, many claims can be approved there and then and a claim reference is given to let the repair begin. This will ensure the workshop will be paid for the job done.

Can I make more than one claim in a year if something else fails’?  Yes.  Owners can make multiple claims for different issues in any year of cover with Engineer Aftercare. Check with other providers as some have a total financial limit or number of claims that can be made.

If you have any queries as a dealership or as a private owner, feel free to get in touch using our contacts page at Contact Us.

Martyn Raybould

Managing Director

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