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Buying or Renewing your Insurance

When buying or Renewing your Caravan, Camper, Car or Motorhome insurance you can always save money. So here are some top tips by Engineer Aftercare Warranty in buying or renewing your road insurance.

Buying your insurance safely and wisely

What to do before searching for motorhome & campervan insurance:

  1. There are 3 players in any insurance: The First party: You the owner.  The Second party: The insurance underwriter who will pay in the event of a claim. The Third party: Is any other vehicle involved in a crash. (Hence the term ‘Third party cover only’)
  2. Make a list of exactly what cover you need.  Who can drive the vehicle, the more named drivers the more the insurance will cost you!  ‘Fully Comprehensive’ insurance will cover both your own vehicle as well as any other vehicle owned by any Third Party involved in a crash.  This product also covers theft.  ‘Third Party Only’ insurance allows you to drive the vehicle but if the unthinkable happens, the insurer will only repair the other car NOT your own.  Also list how many miles you expect to drive in the year as this will also bring down the premium sometimes.
  3. Shop around!  Don’t simply renew your insurance or get just one quote, because loyalty is rarely rewarded with insurers so shop around online or with a phone call to at least three different insurers.  Remember to compare ‘Like for Like’ insurance.  This means the benefits and cover should be roughly the same between all three to get a good comparison
  4. Aggregator sites will sometimes product a great price but the cover may not be as good as going direct to someone like Admiral, Aviva or Direct Line etc.  So include at least one aggregator quote as well as 2 direct quotes.  It will pay dividends taking time to do this
  5. If you have a renewal quote, don’t be afraid to share it with anyone you speak to in a phone call, often insurance companies and brokers will ‘Buy business’, which means they will sometimes be allowed to reduce their own premium to capture your business.  So ask if they can match or beat your renewal quote
  6. If you can, pay for the year in one go!  Spreading the cost over 10 or 12 months usually comes with an interest fee, and very often the company you are paying is NOT the insurance company you buy it from, sometimes a separate finance company pays the insurer.  This means you now have a finance arrangement with another company entirely
  7. Finally, once you have your insurance, remember to keep a copy of the main cover and claim numbers in your caravan or motorhome.  At the least, add the claim number and insurance reference with you.

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