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Are you a Motorhome owner looking for a car to tow?

Are you a Motorhome owner looking for a car to tow and make life easier once you have set up? Our friends at MotorhomesCampervans.net recommend the Skoda Citigo and we agree its a great choice.

Skoda Citigo Motorhome Tow Car 

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Skoda Citigo Motorhome Tow Car Award Winning Mini Vehicle. When you have made up your mind to tow a small car behind your motorhome using an A-Clamp, then you may want to consider an award-winning Skoda Citigo. As ever it is always good to see what owners think about the Skoda Citigo and reviews should be easy to find. That way you hear it from the horse’s mouth. There is no doubt they are well thought about and have an excellent reputation on economy and safety. So what do people think about the Skoda Citigo? Talking to motorhome owners who tow the Skoda Citigo it is one of the very best city cars. It is a joy to tow and also to use. Many have said that Citigo provides big-car features in a small package. Looking round at comparable prices they appear to be cheaper than the equivalent Seat and Volkswagen models. Take all the badges off and you find that they are all but identical. If you’re in the market for a small tow car, then take a good look at the Skoda Citigo. As others have commented it does the job and is a joy to drive.

Skoda Citigo Motorhome Tow Car Award Winning Mini Vehicle

There is a wide choice of Skoda dealers on hand to help you find the Citigo that you are looking for. Most importantly it is also helpful if they can get the A-frame fitted for you, if not there are a wide range of quality installers around the UK. The new A-frames are improving all the time and they all fit in good kit bags. So, relatively easy to assemble and get the Citigo hooked up onto the motorhome. Dealers enter their small tow cars here, to help you to choose a dealer we have videos they have on YouTube to provide a great selection of Skoda Citigo’s. To see more go to ‘Motorhome Tow Car’

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