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Travel Trends for 2022

Travel Trends for 2022. And why camping and touring is going to be bigger than ever! Plus. Now many folk can work remotely, so what’s not to stop you from working on the go? Technology also means it is even easier than ever to work from a Campervan, Caravan or Motorhome away from the home office. From our friends at Goboony ‘Peer to Peer’ rentals.

Working and Relaxing will never be easier than in 2022!

It’s that time of year again, where we all reset and start planning ahead for another twelve months. We don’t know about you, but we’re ready for new adventures that aren’t had within our own four walls! After two years of uncertainty in tourism, there’s now some positivity and a certain buzz around the big return to travel, and what this will look like going forward. From holidaying locally to working from the road, we explore the travel trends we expect to see in 2022. 

  1. Social (media) distancing 

Did you spend more time on your phone during lockdown than you care to share? Well, don’t worry, we all did. After spending more time inside in the last two years than normal, social media platforms quickly became our new best friends. 

While social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, you definitely should. Digital Detoxes, Unplug Holidays, Disconnect Day Trips…whatever twist you put on it, holidays where you truly disconnect from technology are going to be even more popular in the coming year. The best part is, you don’t need to pay through the roof for fancy retreats. Simply hop in your car or campervan, take off to the wilderness and enjoy not having a WIFI connection.  

  1. Spending time in nature  

This brings us nicely into trend number two, spending more time in nature. We’re not sure if it’s because we’ve been cooped up inside for so long or our simple love for the great outdoors – but holidays that incorporate the natural world and outdoor activities such as walking, cycling or swimming will be top of the list for many. This could include wellness trips where you’re practising yoga alongside the sunrise, or hiking holidays where you take on a real physical challenge.    

We also predict people will be adding more natural phenomena to their travel lists than ever before in a bid to see some of nature’s finest. Whether it’s the northern lights, gigantic waterfalls or unique landscapes, we tend to marvel at the things that remind us of nature’s power. After the last two years, we’re ready to be wowed again! 

  1. Conscious travel 

The concept of “travel less, travel better” has been floating around for some time now, but 2022 will see another rise in travelling more consciously. But being mindful of your travel activity filters into so much more than just sustainability and eco-friendly alternatives. Supporting local businesses, avoiding over-visited destinations and really ensuring your money is going towards something positive will all be on the conscious travellers mind. On top of this, the talk of individual carbon footprints will continue to make conscious travellers think about where they will visit and how they will get there. 

We predict a rise in travellers searching for lesser visited, quieter destinations where queues and high prices will be swapped for peace and tranquillity. We’ll see a shift from tick-box type travel, where you might want to see as much as possible, to a slower paced holiday where you really get under the skin of the destination. 

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  1. Multi-generational travel 

Families have suffered a lot through the pandemic, with grandparents being separated from grandchildren for very long periods of time. Because of this we predict a rise in multi-generational holidays where families focus on spending quality time together and making new memories. In turn this will see a rise in accommodation that caters for larger groups, so everyone still has their own space. The space provided by a motorhome is an ideal solution for these types of holidays, where families can hire two so that everyone has enough space alongside the flexibility they bring.   


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  1. Tech-driven travel solutions 

If we have one constant in this crazy world, it’s that technology continues to grow year on year. From digital vaccine passports to online booking platforms, tech solutions will continue to bring ease to every traveller’s journey and will be a pivotal part of holidays in 2022. As travel behaviour shifts and we see more spontaneous getaways and last-minute planning, digital booking platforms where confirmations and tickets can be received almost instantly will be the number one choice for travellers. Sharing platforms like Goboony use tech and the digital space to provide solutions for both travellers and owners. After seeing a sharp growth in demand throughout 2021, this will continue to pave the way for entrepreneurship in the travel industry.  

  1. Spontaneous Travel  

The last two years have seen a shift in how, or more so when, we book our holidays. Uncertainty surrounding travel restrictions and whether or not plans will go ahead has seen the mindset of booking in advance swiftly change to booking at the last minute. We believe spontaneity is good for the soul, and while booking a long-haul international flight the day before might not be the most feasible idea, opting for local, weekend getaways to change up the routine will be big for 2022. We’ve all watched enough Netflix, it’s now time for the open road! 

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  1. Remote Working

Here at Goboony, we’ve been putting the remote into working since 2015. After all, freedom and flexibility is what we stand for. But the last two years saw every company having to adapt to this new model of working. “You’re on mute” and “can you see my screen” have been muttered more times these last two years than most care to remember, but now that the world’s seen the benefits of a hybrid work approach, remote working isn’t going anywhere. We’ve already seen specific visa launches for Digital Nomads. Antigua and Barbuda launched their NDR while Croatia is offering their own Digital Nomad work permit. So whether you take off to a beach-side location for a working holiday or pack your campervan and work from the road, remote working is a wonderful opportunity to create that work life balance we only dreamed about previously.  

  1. Local Trips 

2021 was the year of NEEDING to stay local, but could 2022 be the year of wanting to? We’ve found a new appreciation for what’s right on our front door, and we think it’s here to stay! Travelling locally is easier to plan, can be done spontaneously and is much cheaper. It’s also a lot more environmentally friendly, which is going to be a top priority for many people in 2022. We often have this tendency to feel like a holiday only really counts if we go as far and as exotic as possible, but the reality is that even a short break a couple hours away can rejuvenate you and open the door for new experiences. Start looking at exciting destinations local to you, or better yet, hop in your car or campervan, pack some essentials and see where the road takes you! 

  1. One-of-a-Kind Experiences 

If not now, then when? We’re all guilty of it, mentally pinning beautiful destinations on our bucket-lists, and thinking that one day we will get there. The reality is, there is never going to be a perfect time to tick these off. Work, relationships, responsibilities; they all happen! Make 2022 the year that you prioritise things you really want to do, in places you really want to see. Whether it’s dipping your toes into the sparkling water of the Krka Waterfalls in Croatia, watching the sunrise in Santorini or driving the Atlantic Highway in Norway, those special moments that stick with you will provide lasting memories, and could even inspire your next adventure. After so many missed travel opportunities during the pandemic, this will certainly be the year that many start saying YES to new experiences.   

  1. Pet-Friendly Travel
And you can even take the pet with you!

There’s no doubt that Britain has always been a nation of animal lovers, but attitudes towards pet ownership have seen a shift in recent years. No longer are dogs dropped off at the kennels while their owners take off on holiday, but our furry friends now come along for the ride whenever possible. Dog-friendly hotels, camping sites and restaurants are becoming a staple across the country. Not only do many establishments accept animals, but they go out of their way to cater for them, with hotels providing dog beds and some campervan conversions offering special sleeping places for your pup! We think this is set to continue for 2022 but the question is what’s next – dog-friendly spas? 

However, and wherever you travel, let’s make 2022 the year of making up for lost time, saying yes to new experiences and paving the way for a better future in tourism. And as you prepare for new adventures, check out our extensive campervan packing list!

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