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Money saving tips when travelling in your Motorhome by Derby Motorhomes

Our friends at MotorhomesCampervans.net and Derby Motorhomes are well experienced in advising customers on touring, especially if you are new to the lifestyle and want to avoid any early hiccups.. Engineer Aftercare are delighted to recommend both companies and display some top tips for this Summer 2022!

Parks will be busy and ferries even more so at peak season!

Go off-peak

If you are able to travel outside of the holiday periods, you’ll typically find that the roads will be quieter, but pitches, ferries and the Eurotunnel may also be cheaper:

  • if you’re after peace and quiet at your campsite, off-peak bookings are likely to involve fewer families with children;
  • the weather remains reasonably warm and dry during the so-called “shoulder months” of May and September;
  • you’ll probably pay less for your pitch – and have a greater choice and availability; and
  • many campsites remain open the whole year-round.

Motorhome breakdown cover

Spend a little to save a lot – that’s the secret to being prepared for emergencies and setbacks such as a vehicle breakdown. Spend a little on the appropriate breakdown cover and you could be saving yourself considerable expense if anything goes wrong.

If you’re touring, it’s a nightmare, of course, if you suffer a breakdown. If you’re touring in a motorhome the nightmare can only get worse because it’s not just your transport but also your overnight accommodation, cooking, and storage facilities.

So, don’t rely on whatever roadside DIY mechanical skills you think you might have picked up or the expense of unexpected recovery and vehicle repairs but invest in a policy that gives you peace of mind that you’ll keep on moving!


Motorhome breakdown insurance can certainly help you avoid major expenses if the vehicle breaks down – but a little forethought and planning can go still further than that.

By paying attention to the range and choice of campsites available you can choose those campsites that deliver everything you need – without it costing you an arm and a leg into the bargain.

The distinct advantage of your motorhome, of course, is that it is entirely self-contained. You do not have to rely on those more expensive sites offering 5-star amenities because all that you need is on your own four wheels.

The website Pitchup, for instance, markets its listings for motorhome sites in 2022 with prices that start as cheap as under a tenner anight.

Find cheap fuel

By signing up to an app such as PetrolPrices.com you will be able to find the cheapest petrol in your area – and, according to the website save up to nearly £500 a year on your super unleaded petrol.

For further fuel-saving economies and driving habits, you might want to take a look at the Money Saving Expert’s views of the 4th of March 2022 on the subject.

Bikes aboard

Your motorhome is perfectly equipped for each overnight stay and getting from A to B is as simple as sitting behind the wheel. But why not get further enjoyment from the great outdoors by leaving the motorhome on its pitch for a day or two while you take to the roads, lanes, and trails on your bikes – saving the wear and tear on your vehicle and, of course, the cost of fuel.

If there is room inside your motorhome to store the bikes, all well and good, but practically any motorhome these days will easily take a safer and more secure exterior cycle-rack.

Getting to know your galley

Eating out for the duration of your holiday is likely to prove expensive, yet your motorhome comes equipped with a galley – and using it need not be a huge chore:

  • casseroles, grills, oatmeal, and cereals take little time to prepare and are unlikely to tax the skills of anyone at the galley for a great length of time;
  • if you are feeling a little more ambitious, the Camping and Caravanning Club has even come up with a few recipes that are especially suited to cooking on the galley of your motorhome;
  • even just hitting the local supermarket for cold drinks, sandwiches, snacks, and the like means you can save money you would have spent out at a café;
  • don’t splurge at Starbucks – make your own coffee in your RV and you’ll potentially save a small fortune.

Saving money while travelling in your motorhome doesn’t mean scrimping and going without, it only takes just a little forethought, preparation, and planning.

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