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The importance of an annual Habitation check

Whether you are the owner of a caravan, camper or motorhome, an annual ‘Habitation check’ is an important part of ownership. It’s understandable to occasionally feel ‘We haven’t done much touring this year, so we can miss an annual Habitation check until next year’. It’s sometimes for convenience or to save on the cost of that safety and reliability check, the issue is though that disregarding that check can be life-threatening to you and your family!

what’s the worst that can happen?

American RV using LPG goes up in flames while being driven!

This particular American RV which would be classed as a larger vehicle was being driven along an A-road when the owner began to be engulfed in smoke and flames. Click on the image above to see the full video, fortunately on this occasion the owner was able to stop the vehicle and call the emergency services.

So, what does a Habitation Check do?

A Habitation check is not the same as a vehicle ‘Service’, its also not completed as part of a motorhome or campervan service to the motor section! A ‘Habitation check or service’ as it is often called is a specific annual inspection by an Approved Workshop Scheme engineer and importantly checks on the items below. Any (AWS) workshop member will explain the cost and what is done at the check, owners can also arrange one at home, on-site or in a workshop. Important checks include:

The LPG storage and safety maintenance is vital
  1. The LPG gas storage, piping, connections and valves to your heating and cooking facilities
  2. The electrical systems throughout your Habitation section including lights, thermostats, control and system panels and any appliances
  3. Water Ingress is a common factor to a caravan or motorhome, keeping that water in the walls, ceiling or floor
All AWS member equipment is calibrated for accuracy
Appliances in particular should be checked for safe use

Other benefits to an annual Hab check

Safety aside, there are other reasons and benefits to having an annual Habitation check to your Caravan, Campervan or Motorhome!

  • Underpin the value of your vehicle when you come to sell it! Just like a car with a full-service history, a detailed ‘Habitation check’ history will make buying a vehicle more desirable
  • Enjoy trouble-free family holidays! Things go wrong, but catching issues early will help holidays go uninterrupted
  • Save Money! For instance, catching water ingress (Damp) in the vehicle body early will save substantial amounts of money to repairs

There are over 500 AWS workshop members fixed and mobile, around the UK and in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Many are dealerships and fixed workshops and others are mobile and have a fully kitted out vehicle and can complete the Habitation check or service at-home or on-site, even when you are touring.

To find out more or locate an AWS workshop near you, go to the website at Find an AWS workshop.

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