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Renting out your Motorhome or Camper

Owners of motorhomes and campers are finding out that there is a real interest in people wanting to rent a vehicle for a weekend or a full two week holiday. As an owner, to find out more go to Goboony or use our promotion code EIAC21. Engineer Aftercare have also tailored our warranty so that when an owner buys a 12 month warranty, the cover extends to any ‘Renters’ in the rental period. This means that if the unthinkable happened, the Renter can get the cooker, heating or other repaired and the holiday can continue uninterrupted! To find out more as an owner, go to Engineer Aftercare Warranty

  • How do you go about finding suitable people to rent your motorhome or campervan?
  • What insurance is needed to protect your investment?
  • Can I choose who rents my vehicle and when?
  • Where do I start, if I am thinking of renting my vehicle out?
  • Which vehicles are likely to be most popular?
Choose the right company and they will find the right renter for your Home from Home!

How does renting out my motorhome with Goboony work?

Different companies will have different practices so read the small print! In principle as an owner, you can lend or rent your vehicle out to anyone you want, friends or family is fairly common. But what about renting to someone you dont know safely and enjoying an income from that rental. Renting out your vehicle can be a great way to help offset the cost of ownership in the weeks when you know you wont be using it. You can arrange a weekend, a week, 2 weeks or longer, remembering though that this is you offering a private rental not a dedicated business. Operating a rental business requires a completely different approach and a lot more insurance and compliance!

Apart from advertising in a newspaper, a club or other magazine or on social media etc, by far the easiest and safest way to create some income from renting out your vehicle is by joining one of the increasing number of specialist companies such as Goboony. These sites advertise your vehicle for you and create the platform for customers to choose not only the vehicle, but also the rental period and make the necessary payment. Engineer Aftercare researched the market and we chose Goboony, because we liked what they do and importantly we liked and trusted the people we spoke to.

We liked the Goboony crew so chose to recommend them to our own valued customers..


We recommend getting some good advice from your own or a specialist insurer! Insurance as we know is an important part of owning an expensive piece of kit like a motorhome, even older ones can be valuable and need the benefit of both replacement insurance in the event of a bad accident or theft and third party cover, (The cost of any damage or injury to the other party). Your own everyday road insurance is very unlikely to allow an element of rental in the policy so it’s vital you as an owner check what is covered. If you fail to ensure you are properly insured to rent out your vehicle and the unthinkable happens, your entire investment could be gone! The good news is that Goboony will provide advice on this subject.

There are also a small number of insurance brokers who will provide road insurance and short term rental cover at a daily rate. That cover in addition to your own main road insurance alongside, will provide the safety you need to both use your vehicle personally, but also make some income to offset those maintenance costs.

Can I choose who rents my vehicle and when and for how much?

Yes, in principle you can set certain parameters to select general candidates who might want to rent your vehicle, the website you use will also have ways to safeguard who is renting, based on their experience or suitability to drive (Goboony can decline drink drive or excessive points on a licence). You can choose to be ‘Pet friendly‘ or not or ‘Permitted person’ licence limitations, for instance ‘Class A’ motorhomes such as American RV style have limits on length and weight based on the licence the prospective renter has on their licence.

Where do I start?

Firstly do your research! We recommend Goboony, but there are others that allow privately owned vehicles to be rented out. Then read the joining details, the benefits, and how many other vehicles do they have already signed up, bigger is not always better! So choose a company you feel safe and recommended to you and has some good reviews, who will target the right people to care for your home from home..

Do that research next on what insurance you are going to need, if you are with an insurer who does not permit rental, you may have to switch insurers mid term which will cost in the short term, but this should quickly be recouped. Once that is in place, simply register with your chosen provider and your good to go.

Vehicle popularity is a ‘How long is a piece of string’ question

Renters will be as varied as the vehicles available to rent, which is really good news for you. Our selection of provider, Goboony have luxury, family, small and classic camper style vehicles available. Some renters may only want a weekend, some may want a week and others several weeks to go touring. The same with the layout, size, shape, driving capabilities and beds in the vehicle, a family may need up to six beds, while a couple going to a festival may need a small campervan.. The important thing to advertise your own, is to take pictures when the vehicle is clean, tidy and looks at it’s best, (See our ValetPRO clean VW above) take pictures inside and out on a sunny day, a great place to find affordable and suitable cleaning materials is ValetPRO. They are a UK based manufacturer with a range of specially formulated cleaning, finishing and maintenance products designed for caravans, motorhomes and campervans. Mention Engineer Aftercare when buying from ValetPRO and get 10% off!

So, there you go. A quick look at Motorhome private rentals, feel free to give us a call at Engineer Aftercare on 01243 264056, or go to Goboony and ensure you use our promotion code EIAC21 so we can thank you.

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