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Approved Workshop Scheme ‘Workshop of the Year’ award 2021

Approved Workshop Scheme ‘Workshop of the Year’ award 2021. Will be sponsored by Engineer Aftercare Warranty, with a cobined £1000 prize money to the Fixed and Mobile workshops of the year.

Proud to support the AWS approved workshops UK wide

Launched in late 2019, Engineer Aftercare has forged some important relationships to add value to our customers, and the Approved Workshop Scheme was the first! Our name was developed from the exclusive relationship we have with the AWS, as we ONLY use AWS-approved workshops for Habitation claim repairs. This means customers can call upon any one of the over 530 approved workshops in the AWS, across the UK.

Why use an AWS approved workshop?

Approved Workshops are run by fully qualified caravan and motorhome servicing professionals. There currently over 530 mobile and fixed base workshops in the scheme spread across the whole of the UK.

Using an Approved Workshop gives you peace of mind that the technician working on your tourer or motorhome is qualified to the required standards. They will normally guarantee all service-related repairs for a minimum of six months and take all reasonable steps to protect the validity of any unexpired warranties.

Along with the requirements for technicians, each workshop must also meet high standards of competency (the formal qualifications of the technician) and comply with an industry Code of Practice. This means that all Approved Workshops will:

  • Display a detailed list of prices and labour rates
  • Provide an estimate for any additional servicing or repair work over £150
  • Give a realistic estimated time for completion and collection
  • Use genuine spare parts where available
  • Ensure all work is carried out using skill, care and professional judgement
  • Always provide you with a check list of work done
  • Not start work without your express authority
  • Contact you for authority to continue if additional work is identified
  • Notify you in writing of faults which are not rectified, with an honest assessment of the urgency of the repairs required.

Top tip: Get your caravan/motorhome booked into your local workshop early, so you are ready for the touring season!

AWS services include:

  • Annual Habitation servicing: The annual safety, performance and maintenance to maintain your vehicles use and underpin values
  • Repairs: When something fails or damage occurs, AWS approved workshops can work on vehicles even under the manufacturer warranty when new. All AWS workshops are also approved for Engineer Aftercare Warranty repairs, we can do this because Engineer Aftercare have agreed to pay AWS member standard Terms & Conditions.
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection Report: An important service to people buying a vehicle. The AWS workshop will undertake a detailed review and inspection, preparing a report for the prospective owner. (A great way to save buying a vehicle with unseen issues)
  • CRiS Total Loss Re-Registration Inspections: AWS members are able to carry out Total Loss Re-Registration Inspections on behalf of the Central Registration & Identification Scheme (CRiS). This inspection covers both Category S and, more recently Category N insurance write off caravans.

Engineer Aftercare MD Martyn Raybould says: Long before I launched Engineer Aftercare Warranty for Caravans, Campers & Motorhomes, I knew a key issue was the availability of the quality of repairs an owner could expect. Manufacturers only use AWS workshops from new, so exploring an exclusive relationship with the AWS was key for me to provide our customers with the comfort they could not find elsewhere. That is why we agreed to fully comply with the stringent AWS requirements, as a team, we are delighted with the results and our continued support by sponsoring this important event award for 2021 and 2022.

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