Nationwide Caravan Services: AWS approved workshop and mobile services in North Lincolnshire

AWS Approved Workshop with over 20 years hands on experience

Based in Scunthorp North Lincolnshire Nationwide Caravan Services is an AWS and Engineer Aftercare Ltd approved workshop. We also provide services for some of the leading brands in the sector including Auto-Trek, Coachman, Bailey, Swift and the Eldis group.. Nationwide are fully fitted to be mobile but also enjoy a workshop for jobs requiring damp work to a vehicle body, paint and insurance work.

Trust our team for: 

  • Bodywork exteriors
  • Bodywork interiors
  • Water system and appliances
  • Gas supply and appliances
  • Electrical systems – 240v
  • Electrical systems – 12v
  • Fire and safety
  • Chassis and running gear and lots more

We carry out a full range of Caravan and  Motorhome services 
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If you need the services of our workshop for Insurance, Warranty Work or other Repairs etc… then get in touch with our specialists today on 07753  760061 and we will arrange a convenient time to bring your Caravan or Motorhome to us for inspection / repair.
Please note that ALL Bookings and Appointments are by prior arrangement only – We may not be on site all the time if you turn up otherwise.

Special Offers from Nationwide

Offer 1: Recommend a Friend to us for servicing and once they have had the work carried out we shall give a discount to you on your next service.
terms and conditions apply – please contact us for more details

Offer 2: 120w Solar Panel Supplied and Fitted to your caravan or motorhome for £439.00 whilst stocks last.
terms and conditions apply – please contact us for more details

To access our special offers and discounts for owners just give us a call and
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Motorhome Servicing


  • Body to Chassis  –  Check mountings for security & damage
  • Cab to Body Junction  –  Check security and sealant condition
  • Underslung Tanks, Pipes & Auxiliaries  –  Check security and for signs of leakage
  • Corner Steadies ( where applicable )  –  Check operation & Lubricate
  • Folding Steps ( where applicable )  –  Check operation & Lubricate
  • Chassis – Lubricate axle tube where necessary ( AL-KO ) & inspect non standard suspension components
Nationwide also affect repairs to vehicle bodies

12 Volt Electrics

  • 12V Fridge From vehicle  –  Check operation
  • Interior 12V Lighting & Equipment  –  Check operation
  • Habitation Battery  –  Check condition, security, electrolyte level & lubricate terminals
  • Battery Voltage  –  Check voltage & load test
  • Wiring & Fuses  –  Check condition & verify correct ratings
  • Additional 12V circuits  –  Check fitted to correct standards 
  • Awning Light  –  Check condition & operation
  • Solar Panel ( if fitted )  –  Check operation and connections


  • Fixed Ventilation & Openings  –  Check for fee flow of air & remove any obstructions
  • Rooflights  –  Check for damage & operation
  • Rooflight Blinds & Flyscreens  –  Check for damage & operation

Gas     ( Appliances NOT serviced unless requested – & subject to additional charges 

  • Regulator  –  Check fitted to manufacturers recommendations and date
  • Regulator Working Pressure  –  Check working  ( & Lock Up ) pressures and note readings (mbar)
  • Gas Bottle In Use  – Check if Butane or Propane in use ( Propane recommended for Combi Boilers )
  • Gas Tightness Test  –  Test gas system to IGEM/UP/1B Edition 3 ( or subsequent Current Std )
  • Appliances  ( Water Heater, Oven/ Hob, Fridge, Heating & Combi Boilers )  –  Check for operation and safety  
  • Pipework,  Joints & Flexible Gas Hoses  –  Check condition and date of flexible hoses
  • Flame Failure Devices  –  Check operation and safety
  • Gas Drop Holes  –  Check for obstructions 
  • LPG Sticker  –  Check Lpg sticker is fitted as its a legal requirement

 230V Mains Electrics

  • Lv Plug, Hook Up Cable ( When available ) & Earth   –  Check condition & safety
  • Consumer Unit  –  Check  security, RCD test button & MCB’s for operation & safety
  • RCD Test  –  Test and record findings in accordance with BS 7671 : 2008 ( 2013 )
  • 230V sockets  –  Visual check of condition & polarity test
  • Battery Charger  –  Check safety &  voltage output @ battery terminals 
  • Fridge  –  Check operation on 230V 
  • Air Conditioning  ( if fitted )  –  Check operation only ( subject to climate conditions not affecting this test )
  • Additional Circuits  –  Check any additional circuits have been fitted to the correct standards
  • Microwave Leakage Test ( if fitted ) –  Check operation & carry out leakage test in accordance with BS EN 60336-2-25:2002

Water System

  • Water Pump & Pressure Switch  –  Check for operation & leaks
  • Taps, Microswitches, Valves, Pipework & Tank ( if fitted )  –  Check condition, operation and for leaks
  • Water Filter / Inlet Housing  –  Check for leaks and replace if requested
  • Waste System  –  Check condition & for leaks
  • Alde Antifreeze  –  Check for leaks, test strength & date replaced if applicable
  • Toilet  –  Check for leaks, pump operation, seals & blade operation
  • Drain Water System  –  Drain system ( winter only ) IF REQUESTED BY CUSTOMER

Fire & Safety

  • DIY Additions  –  Check for operation & safety of any alterations
  • Security Alarm  –  Check operation 
  • Smoke Alarm  –  Check operation, expiry date and suitability for use in caravans as per BS EN 14604:2005 
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm  –  Check operation, expiry date and suitability for use in caravans as per BS 50291-2:2010
  • CO Room Test – Carry out Room CO test and note readings ( ppm)
  • Fire Extinguisher  ( if fitted )-  Check correct type fitted and expiry date
  • Fire Blanket ( if fitted ) –  Check location and fixing     


  • Body Panels  –  Check for damage & Sealant condition
  • Doors & External Locks  –  Check for operation & damage
  • Door Locks & Hinges  –  Check operation & lubricate 
  • Body Attachments  –  Check security & Sealed appropriately ( including cycle racks, aerials & solar panels etc.. )
  • Floor  –  Check for De- Lamination and damage
  • Furniture  –  Check condition & operation ( including doors, handles & fixings)
  • Windows & Seals  –  Check for damage, cracks & blown windows as well as catches & stays
  • Door & Window Blinds  –  Check for operation, damage & tension
  • Damp Test  –  Test complete structure for signs of water ingress & note readings as per manufacturers recommendations

Service paperwork 

  • Once the service is complete, Record all findings on service sheet for customer
  • Note any repairs needed ( or carried out as part of service ) and explain to customer what’s required to put any faults right including an estimate for any remedial work needed
  • Note all damp readings ( where applicable ) on separate damp report
  • Complete service invoice 
  • Return ALL switches & valves etc… to positions as found unless told otherwise
  • Log service with relevant manufacturer as per each manufacturers expectations. ( some require no service log )

For more details if you live in the Scunthorp area or if your from further afield and touring near us get in touch and see the difference in the Nationwide Services proposition..

Richard Pilkiw Owner – Operator on 07753 760061 Email: