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Peer to Peer motorhome rental

Hire directly from the Owner, a wide range of quality motorhomes and campervans. And, as an owner, you can make money when your not using your motorhome by letting Goboony find you renters, from a weekend to a week and more.

Want to offset some or all of your Motorhome-Campervan costs?

There is a huge hike in ‘Peer to Peer’ renting in the UK. This is where owners can make available for a weekend to a full holiday, their vehicles to people wanting to try touring before they buy. You the owner can specify who can rent your vehicle, such as no pets, minimum ages or experience and more. Some vehicles rent for over £100 a day! So income can be substantial.

  • Important note: Vehicles with a warranty should not rent their vehicle for more than 12 weeks in any year, further rental will void your warranty cover. Rentals beyond that period go from Peer to Peer to a business rental under any warranty.

We want you as an Engineer Aftercare customer to get the best care we can give, and help offset the cost of Motorhome ownership, that is why we work with Goboony. They are a safe and reliable way to rent out your Motorhome or Camper.

Why hire a Motorhome or Camper through Goboony

Your comfort comes from Goboony’s experience and expertise in hiring out privately owned quality Motorhomes & Campervans
Motorhome touring with friends and family is a brilliant way to holiday! Vehicles are prepped ready to go.

What is Goboony, and where do all these campervans to rent come from?

As a person wanting to rent, you can choose from over 2000 campers on Goboony, giving you plenty of opportunities to find the ideal one for you! And here’s how it works. These campervans are mostly hired out by private individuals across the UK and Europe. Goboony has built up a large community of cheerful, friendly and adventurous campervan owners who are eager to share their motorhome with those looking to experience a holiday in one.

Experience the ulitmate Motorhome touring holiday with Goboony..

The magic of finding wonderfully romantic and quiet places can be yours!

A Dog Friendly Motorhome Hire

Pets are a part of the family, we love them so much and it feels strange when they are not around. So it is only natural to want to bring your dog with you on holidays.  A Dog friendly motorhome hire offers the perfect option to take your pet on holidays! Pet friendly motorhome hire is important and more than possible using Goboony. On our site you’ll find dog friendly motorhome options available for hire, all using the simple filter. Not sure if a motorhome allows it? Simply ask the private owner! Goboony allows you to contact the private owner of the motorhome directly, so that you can discuss all the details and ask any questions you may have. Click WE LOVE OUR PET to find out more.

Affordable campervan hire 

Holidays on a budget can be difficult, you want to go to so many places and do so many things, but simply can’t afford it. If I suggested a campervan holiday, you’d probably say I was crazy. But affordable campervan hire is an option, and a good one, and Goboony is here to help! At Goboony, we believe that anyone and everyone should get the chance to experience the freedom of a motorhome holiday. We believe that there is a vehicle for everyone, whether it is a nice cosy affordable. And, if your really on a tight budget especially following the Covid-19 difficulties of last year and home energy costs in 2022 , we have arranged for a selection of especially price vehicles. To find out more click We are on a budget

Luxury motorhomes to affordable VW campervans available for you to rent

VW Campervan Hire

When you think of campervans, and we mean the true classic campers, what do you think of? Let’s not beat around the bush, when we speak of classic and campervans, it can only apply to VW vans. Who doesn’t want to experience a trip in one of the most iconic vehicle types of all time. Since it first rolled out of production in the 1950’s, Volkswagen camper vans have been synonymous with so many aspects of camping touring and a free spirit. They are the starting point for all classic campers, and have evolved so far across the decades. Goboony prides itself on having a plethora of these original vehicles for hire. We have models as new as 2017 and as vintage as the 60’s, giving everyone the chance to hire a VW campervan and the perfect motorhome holiday. See We want to go ‘Old school

Free & Wild camping in the UK

Goboony campervan H2 women campervan sunshine

True freedom comes with four wheels, travelling uninhibited in your motorhome. The motorhome lifestyle allows you to go wherever you please, whenever you please. And being able to sleep in your form of transport also allows you to avoid the extra costs and hassles of booking accommodation wherever you travel to.

But even with a motorhome, you must consider where to park or camp for the evening, and this can be muddled with unclear regulations and laws. That’s why we’re going to share with you some options for parking overnight or camping in the UK with your motorhome, so just keep reading! To find out more We want to go Wild

Hire a campervan to take to a festival!

Camping is part of festival life, and in the UK it is an almost sacred part of the experience of festival goers, a right of passage if you will. Who hasn’t heard stories of campers making the most of their muddy Glastonbury experience? However, despite the vast majority of festival goers being confined to the experience of camping in a tent, there are other options for the discerning reveller! Just because you are camping in a muddy field does not mean you cannot treat yourself to a slightly more comfortable festival experience. I mean, you deserve it. Spending all day in the crowds, on your feet, constantly socializing. Wouldn’t a home cooked meal be nice? Wouldn’t a mattress be nice? Wouldn’t a shower be nice? If anything, that last one got you. Well, this is all possible, you can combine the fun of a festival with the comforts of home through festival campervan hire! If your planning an event or festival trip with friends, go to Were here for the music

5 Routes for Taking Your Campervan Around Europe available on Goboony

An example of the exciting vehicles available you with Goboony

Europe – a land comprised of many cultures. Each country provides a beautiful tale rich with history and tradition, a tale travellers long to hear, as they dine on traditional cuisines. And what better way to immerse yourself in a country’s culture than taking a road trip to the heart of them? You can always explore the hidden gems of each country by exploring the countryside roads. If you’re hoping for a small break from driving, you can always pull over at a local town where you can dine at authentic restaurants and truly appreciate culture. Arguably, taking a motorhome is the first step in making your road trip unique- campsites are a hotspot for meeting locals and learning about the hidden gems of each area. Now that motorhome hire in Europe is increasing in popularity, campsites offer visitors the unique experience to meet people from all over the continent. Needless to say, road trips are key to having an unforgettable vacation, especially when travelling across Europe. Don’t know where to go? You’ve come to the right place! Here are the five best places to take your campervan around Europe!  To see more on the 5 routes Goboony recommend, go to We want to globe-trot

Engineer Aftercare says: Hiring out your motorhome can be a great way to help offset the costs of owning what might be an expensive vehicle, as an owner the real joy is also sharing the unique experience of a touring holiday with others. When we chose our Motorhome Rental partner Goboony, we knew we had an experienced player in the sector, with the background, expertise and vehicles we wanted. Find Out More here