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Everything for an owner needs to tow your caravan

The NTTA is a not-for-profit organisation, and is the main body in the UK representing the light towing industry. It represents the interests of its members on national bodies and keeps those members informed of changes to help customers and provide a wide range of services.

It also acts as hub for trailer and towing information and allows the owners of caravans and trailers access to a list of accredited members, meaning they can buy with confidence and peace of mind.

The NTTA is proud to work exclusively with Engineer Aftercare Warranty as our recommended partner for caravan warranty products.

Towing a caravan to a remote location means you need complete peace of mind!

The NTTA offer a range of advice and services for owners

Our Buyer advice and guides

Visit Our Site to find everything you need for buying and installing a tow bar to your vehicle. The NTTA will advise on suitability and provide a range of services from fitting to servicing, keeping you safe and problem free

Trailer tents are increasingly popular

Need a Tow Bar quote

Finding a local and approved fitter near you and to get a quote on how much a professionally fitted Tow Bar will cost go to New Tow Bar. And we even have a Selecting a Tow Bar page to provide detailed and advice and more for your own towing needs.

Get a Servicing quote

For a Caravan or Trailer, we have a range of workshops near you across the UK, to find your nearest go to Servicing to find out more

Free Safety Checks

All trailers, unbraked and braked, up to 3500kg (gross weight) can be taken to a participating NTTA QS Member for the Free Safety Check, which could highlight issues that should be addressed.

Working with the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service and Central Registration & Identification Scheme, officers ran the first Caravan and Trailer operation of the season at Junction 19 of the A12 trunk road, Chelmsford, near Boreham Services Lorry Park on Tuesday 4th April 2017.

34 vehicles were stopped, 21 of which were towing trailers and 11 towing caravans. Of all the vehicles stopped, only 12 were clear of faults. So, to get your own safety check done, simply go to our website Safety Page for more details and to find your nearest NTTA member

Whether your driving an estate, saloon or 4×4, our NTTA members have it covered!

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Our job is to support our trade members and the wider towing public, so to find any service you need go to our website at NTTA