Teeside Caravan Medic: North Yorkshire, Teesside, Middlesbrough and Hartlepool.

Teesside Caravan Medic – The Mobile Caravan & Motorhome Doctor!

Teesside Caravan Medic offers servicing and repairs in the North East and North Yorkshire areas. Established over 10 years ago, Ronnie turned his passion for touring into a career by becoming a caravan and motorhome engineer. We provide a mobile repair services in North Yorkshire, Teesside and Middlesbrough, and if you prefer, we can book you into our workshop located in Hartlepool where we offer a broad range of additional servicing needs.

Having been an avid tourer for over 20 years, Ronnie knows all too well that things can go wrong and cosmetic damage to your caravan or motorhome can be a costly mishap. For cosmetic damage, dents and scratches, our repair centre located in Hartlepool is fully equipped to fix any blemishes and bumps. Our workshop is also fitted out for those larger jobs like timber refurbishing and water ingress and damp repair. You can see our case studies on some of the recent repairs on our website

Onsite and at home. If your vehicle needs a Caravan Medic, we have it covered

Customer care and satisfaction is important to us, which we choose to provide Engineer Aftercare warranty for Caravan and Motorhomes, and why our medics have a high standard when it comes to repairs and servicing on your caravan. Safety is always top of our list when servicing both caravans and motorhomes, as we understand that it’s best to get your lights, tyres and brake cables serviced before touring season begins. You’ll have peace of mind that your trips, be them along the north east coast or further afield, will be safe ones!

Ronnie is a member of the Approved Workshop Scheme, this means that he passes regular assessments and all repairs are completed under the most thorough service guidelines in the industry, so your Autoguard and other warranty will still be valid.

Teesside Caravan Medic offers various services to caravans and motorhome owners. Safety is at the top of our list so we advise an annual maintenance check and service including tyre breaks and outside electric checks, just think of us as a doctor for your caravan! We provide mobile services in North Yorkshire, Teesside, Middlesbrough and Hartlepool.

We’re NCC Approved and we have a mobile workshop for maintaining your caravan to high standard of safety regardless of age – it will not affect your manufactures warranty, even for a new caravan moving forward. If you give your caravan the TLC and proper maintenance it deserves you will get many pleasurable years of safe fun out of it. That’s why we are also an Approved Workshop with Engineer Aftercare warranty. We can not only provide you a Caravan or Motorhome warranty, but should the unthinkable happen, we can also make the repairs under an approved claim.

By Engineer Aftercare caravan and motorhome warranty

Our full range of services is priced at £160 for a single axle, and a twin axle service costs £180. A full service includes all of the necessary safety checks and takes our medic approximately 4 hours. As an additional service, should your caravan or motorhome need any repairs, a call out charge of £40 will be applied – this includes the first 30 minutes of repair time.

A list of maintenance services and repairs can be found below however this is not extensive and if you would like advice on how to care for your second home, or if you have any serious issues with it, please still get in touch with us and our fully train “caravan doctor” will be happy to help and advise you.

Our Maintenance Service includes

Brakes & chassis service – We’ll check that there is no damage to the chassis, brake pads and cables.

Habitation service – this includes necessary safety checks on fire, water, gas supplies, heaters, fridges.

Damp checks – we’ll check for damp, mould and any resealing where water may be leaking through.

Check for floor de-lamination – if the flooring in your caravan feels a little spongy then this may explain why.

Cosmetic repairs for your caravan or motorhome

Re-spray and paint touch ups – If you’ve misjudged a corner and scraped your caravan or if you just want to give your motorhome a fresh paint so it’s like new again then call us.

Plastic welding – As many parts are made of plastic, if they do get damaged our medics are able to repair any exterior issues like cracks, splits and damage to bumpers.

Fibre glass repairs – This is a common and efficient way to repair a caravan or motorhome and it can be used to mend cracks, holes and leaks in the roof.

Shower trays – If the shower tray in your van is cracked or dented, our mobile engineers will be able to fix this in a location that is suitable for you. Alternatively you can visit our workshop in Hartlepool.

Reseal and Over seal

If you have had any issues with damp or mould in your Hab section, it is important to find the source of the problem. Often this is due to a leak or broken sealing. We offer mobile resealing in North Yorkshire and the North East.

Remove reseal caravan awning rails – As a small but essential part of ensuring that your everything runs smoothly, let our caravan medic look after any issues with your awning rail so that you tour safely.

Renew and Remove Window Seals – Our caravan doctor is able to remove, repair and renew any window seals – including sky panels.

Replace broken or split windows – Whether your caravan window is broken, chipped or split, our medics can replace it at a reasonable cost.

We can also fit motor movers and other accessories to your vehicle. For more information about how we can provide servicing or repairs to your caravan please call Ronnie on 07766 554189. Service areas we cover are North Yorkshire, Teesside, Middlesbrough and Hartlepool.