CL Caravan Services & Repairs Ltd

Mobile Servicing & Repairs for Caravans and Motorhomes in North Lincolnshire

Based in Scunthorp North Lincolnshire, CL Caravan Services is a fully fitted Mobile Workshop servicing and repairing Caravans and Motorhomes to AWS Approved standards. CL Caravan Services is also pleased to be an approved workshop for Engineer Aftercare warranty and can arrange both Caravan and Motorhome warranty products.

A little more about us

CL Caravan Services & Repairs is your reliable partner for everything concerning your caravan. Our main priority are your requirements, and we’ll always be guided by your wishes and requirements. We’re happy to offer advice on all issues and to make time for you, we use the latest technology so that we can offer you exceptional service while still remaining within budget. Our many years’ experience and specialist staff provide proof that quality and cooperation go hand in hand!

Some of our key rates for Habitation Servicing

Caravan Servicing Price List

As an approved workshop we take great care of your vehicle and leave it exactly as we found it, importantly we look at every aspect of the job and recommend matters where we see anything of concern. That way you can rest assured your family will be safe when travelling.

Single Axle Service £150.00

Twin Axle Service   £170.00

Motorhone Hab Service £140

For the service prices you see we travel up to 30 miles from scunthorpe any thing extra than 30 miles is £10.00 extra per 10 miles after the 30 miles with a maximum travel of 50 miles all together.

Bodywork Exterior

This includes checking the following:

  • Body panels
  • Hinges & catches
  • Security of all trims, inserts & sealants 
  • Door locks
  • Windows & seals for damage
  • Security of grab handles
AWS calibrated tooling, manufacturer trained and mobile power wherever its needed

The Bodywork Interior

This includes checking your

  • Damp meter test
  • Checking floor for delamination
  • Check operation of cupboard hinges, catches, locks & stays
  • Checking operation & condition of all window catches, stays & seals
  • Checking operation & security of all skylights, blinds & fly screens (adjust if required)
  • Check fixed ventilation openings for free flow of air.

Water System and Appliances

This includes checking your

  • Operation & condition of water pump, pressure switch (adjust if required)
  • Check condition of water inlet housing (replace water filter if requested)
  • Check Taps & shower fittings
  • Check Overall condition of fresh & waste water pipes & fittings
  • Toilet condition including seal, blade & flush
  • Drain plug seal

Gas Supply and Appliance checks

  • Regulator performance & carry out a leak test
  • Condition & date of gas flexi hose (replace if required)
  • Security of all gas pipe work
  • LPG sticker on locker & security of gas bottles
  • Gas dispersal holes for obstructions
  • Operation of fridge ignition, FFD & cooling
  • Operation of cooker, hob & oven, ignition, (FFD)
  • Operation of space heater, ignition, flame, (FFD) & CO2 test
  • Operation of water heater, ignition, flame, (FFD) & heating
  • Operation & condition of external gas points (if fitted)
Our 2019 vehicle is a full on mobile workshop

Electrical Systems 240 volt

  • Condition of inlet plug & hook up cable
  • Operation of RCD, MCB’s & earth bonding
  • Wiring, sockets & fixed connection
  • Battery charger
  • Mains fridge
  • Mains cooker & hob
  • Mains water heater
  • Mains space heater

Electrical Systems 12v

  • Condition of 12N & 12S plugs & cables
  • Condition & operation of road light & reflectors
  • Wiring/sockets & fuses
  • Functions of 12S system (charging, fridge, lights etc)
  • Battery charger
  • Condition of battery (clean & lubricate terminals)
  • All 12V lights including awning light
  • Blown air system

Fire and Safety

  • We check the condition of smoke & carbon monoxide alarms

Chassis and Running Gear

For checking your

  • Coupling head & safety catch for wear (lubricate if required)
  • And clean pads on ball acting stabiliser
  • Condition & routing of breakaway cable & clips
  • Operation of over run piston & lubricate
  • Jockey wheel clean & lubricate
  • Operation of handbrake & lubricate
  • Brake rods, cables & supports
  • Remove wheels & check tyres for wear, damage, age & pressure
  • Remove brake drums & check bearings, seals & linings (clean & lubricate)
  • Replace drums with new split pins or one shot nuts & torque to manufacturers settings
  • Adjust brakes at drum & check free play in the linkages & at handbrake
  • Condition & security of chassis & attachment to body
  • Operation of suspension assemblies
  • Corner steadies operation (& lubricate)
  • Spare wheel carrier & folding step for operation & lubricate

For more details or to get in touch go to: Or call us on 01724 783369 or 07521 458091