Camptoo: Hire your perfect Motorhome or earn from renting out your own

Hire your perfect motorhome, or earn from your own.

Hire a unique, well-maintained campervan or motorhome at a fair price. Or, if you are a Motorhome owner and would like to earn from your motorhome, check out Camptoo

Camptoo offers a wide and increasing range of motorhomes and caravans available across the UK near you.

Find out more about renting out your motorhome when you are not using it..

New for 2021 our Camptoo Warranty

If you are a new or existing Camptoo member, we are pleased to now provide the unique service of a Motorhome Warranty for just £279 from Engineer Aftercare Warranty. 12 months cover, up to £1000 per claim limit and unlimited claims in any year covering both Drive and Habitation sections, and the warranty enjoys fixed and mobile cover by AWS approved workshops UK wide. Exclusively for Camptoo customers, the warranty extends to your rental customers too! So when your vehicle is on hire, there should be no interruptions to the rental term due to mechanical failures. For more details go to Camptoo and please mention your Camptoo Membership with buying.

Camptoo Motorhomes

  •  Personal and unique character – All campervans and motorhomes are proudly owned by private individuals which offers a unique experience.
  •  Insured with a European specialist – You’re setting off in a safe and properly insured vehicle. There’s even a 24/7 hotline in case of accidents.
To this large and luxurious full on home from home

About us

CEO Martijn Peeters ‘I love being in the outdoors and I do think it’s a waste when those campervan and motorhomes are sitting idle on the driveway for so long. What gets me pushing further is to read these great stories of users that had an amazing road trip experience’

At Camptoo we love travelling, outdoor exercise and nature. Camptoo’s goal is to let people share the joy of exploring with a motorhome, campervan or caravan at their own pace. We think there’s no better way to explore our beautiful country. Share your vehicle and hit the road!

10,000+ motorhomes and caravans rented out anually

200+ new owners every month register with us

Millions of pounds earned yearly for our members

Meet the Camptoo team

Find a family-friendly camper

A camper offers convenience and relaxation for your whole family. While you’re on the road, the kids can play a game at the table or enjoy their tasty sandwich. As soon as you arrive at your destination of choice, the kids can go straight outside to play in nature while you can relax in your camping chairs and enjoy the amazing view. A holiday with a motorhome or campervan will be an unforgettable experience for you and your kids. 

Enjoy an amazing family holiday without the cost of buying your own motorhome

Finding a motorhome that exactly suits your own family is easy

1: Need a larger motorhome? No problem, Camptoo has large family vehicles

2: Need a weekend or short break camper, ideal for events and more? We have lots of models and styles to suit your road trip, tour or event

3: Need it dog friendly? Great, because we have lots of motorhomes owned by dog loving families so bring yours with you for a home from home

How to earn with your motorhome

Did you know that when your motorhome or campervan is not used during the summer, you’re possibly missing out on £750,- per week? Why not give someone else the chance to enjoy the fun of a camping experience and rent out your motorhome? Click Rent My Motorhome to see more.

You decide who you rent your motorhome to and when!

Be in charge of what you earn

Whether you want to rent out once for three weeks in the summer or for twenty weeks a year, you can set the price and availability that works for you. If you would like to see more about renting your motorhome, click on Find out about renting your motorhome

Payment is safe and quick

Renters are extensively screened. All payments and security deposits are handled through Camptoo’s automated payment systems.

It’s quick and easy

Create your advertisement in as little as 10 minutes, and start seeing the rental requests roll in. Renters will explain who they are and where they want to go, you decide which requests you want to accept.

To find out more or to book your own trip, go to or email us at Send me details or call us and speak to our friendly team on 01344 207870

Engineer Aftercare says: Engineer Aftercare know that renting a quality motorhome before buying, is a great way to find out how much fun touring in comfort can be. So we have teamed up with Camptoo, Europes leading rental agency to make available a safe, affordable and easy way to arrange a motorhome rental. So, if you own your own Motorhome why not sign up and find out how you can offset some of the costs to ownership, by renting your own out when its not being used?