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Leisure Warranties motorhome

Buying or renewing leisure warranties for campervans or motorhomes is easy. What isn’t so easy is knowing which one to buy, because you have the Hab section and the Motor section of your camper or motorhome, so, which company to buy from and which one will meet your needs when the unthinkable happens.

So, Engineer Aftercare Warranty have considered two key areas for some advice to help you.

what is a claim limit?

The ‘Claim limit’ is the maximum amount you can claim under your campervans or motorhomes warranty. The most important things are how much can you claim and how often can you claim that, because sometimes what you see is not what you get. Firstly lets look at the claim value. One leisure warranties company displayed up to £2000 claim limit, which looks good until you read in the details that you can only claim once! Not so good if you claim £250 for a floor de-lamination problem in April and cant claim again if you need to in October for your cooker, so the limit is only good if you can claim more than once. Also, there is very little in a Hab section or Motor section you cant repair or replace for under £1000, even using an AWS approved workshop or main dealer. Secondly, find a leisure warranties provider that permits multiple claims in any year, because then you have real peace of mind.

Who can repair my caravan?

This is another really important aspect of leisure warranties because when the campervans or motorhomes were new the manufacturer only allowed AWS approved workshops, main dealers or larger VAT registered garages to affect any repairs to the Habitation and Motor section. So, especially for the Habitation section, use a company that only uses an approved or properly trained engineer where possible. Some leisure warranties companies allow anyone who is VAT registered to repair things, now that is fine for a Motorhome engine, gearbox or electrics but not for a caravan habitation section, which includes things like gas heating and cooking, lighting, and water, waste water systems and more which a car mechanic will not understand or be familiar with.

So, these two important aspects should be considered when buying leisure warranties for your caravan. For more guidance or to get in touch go to www.engineerinsuranceandaftercare.com contacts page and get in touch.

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