Engineer aftercare Insurance
for Caravan & Motorhome

We recommend Shield Total Insurance for your caravan and motorhome cover, but we are in discussion to expand the benefits to you even more.  As such, for now please tell the operator you are an Engineer Aftercare customer when speaking to them!

To get it right took time so we could:


Our insurance is highly personalised, to ensure you get exactly the right product and best rate we can provide, here are some tips:

Top tips when buying:

  1. SHOP AROUND every year! Because some insurers give you a year 1 rate then increase in year 2
  2. Have your vehicle details to hand when you speak to us
  3. Consider and write down the cover you want, to make sure it includes all those key items   
  4. If you have a renewal rate, mention it and challenge us or any other insurer to beat it
  5. Where you buy insurance through Engineer, tell us and get £25 Cash Back any warranty product purchased direct from Engineer Aftercare

And for those with accessories, we will soon be adding; Bicycle, Pet, Home, Awning and other product to our range.  For details, why not subscribe below to receive our free e-news letter for these and other great offers, discounts, competitions and more…