Habitation Service Planning

To begin, let’s explain why a Habitation Service/Check annually, on your Caravan or Motorhome is really important:

1. A Habitation check will identify areas for concern, especially with LPG equipment and appliances, including heaters where gas is used. LPG needs close inspection and Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas, so regular annual inspections will help keep your family safe

2. Engineer Aftercare can be purchased for vehicles up to 144 months (12 Years) with damp cover up to 84 months (7 Years). When damp occurs, it can be costly to repair if not captured early, therefore an annual water ingress check as part of your Habitation Service can help identify increased levels of moisture in the bodywork and help minimise cost to repair.

3. The AWS workshops we recommend, are industry trained and only use calibrated equipment

4. Evidence of an annual Habitation service/check can be important to maintain the value of vehicles when they come to be sold. Just like a car, a new owner will usually ask to see the service history for peace of mind and to reduce any unseen future costs

5. Engineer Aftercare Habitation Service plans are:

  • Simple to arrange and have NO admin fees! You get ALL your money back when you need it for your service, and you will receive 2 10% discount vouchers to spend on any ValetPRO cleaning or Purple Line Security products, including the sector leading ‘Nemesis’ wheel lock.
  • Spread the cost of an average service over 11 months at just £15.90 per month
  • On the 11th month, we will contact you and let you know to arrange a Habitation service with your regular AWS engineer, or another nearby should you be away from home
  • Fully repayable on demand if you cancel or sell your vehicle mid term, so you get all your money back
  • Service rates may vary across the UK of course, so any fees or additional works over and above the £175 you have accrued, are payable by you to the AWS workshop
Habitation Service Plan
Habitation Service Plan

We are regularly asked, why does Engineer Aftercare Ltd provide the Habitation Service plans if it doesn’t make any income from them?
The reason is simple! We know the importance of a Habitation check by an expert engineer and if a customer buys one of our Aftercare warranty products, an annual check is required to validate any claim. So, we believe helping customers budget to save money and maintain the value in their vehicle is important. Why would we charge a fee for that service?

To arrange your own Habitation Plan simply click on ‘Arrange Now’ button and we will send you an email or information pack with a personalised standing order for your bank to arrange the payment. To cancel an existing Habitation Service plan, simply email us your full contact details including the Personalised Reference we have provided you, we will quickly confirm your identity and reference to arrange the return payment..

Habitation Service Plan
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